Jan 08 2012

What an amazing community!

As our preparations continue, we have been making contact with those who have blazed a trail before us. Sometimes, the best answers come from those who have seen it and done it already.

And it has to be said – what an amazing community of generous people!

Everyone we have contacted (almost without exception) has responded to us with excitement, encouragement, support and generous offers of information … and these are people we have contacted out-of-the-blue and haven’t even met yet!! How often in Life do you encounter that?!?!!! It is definitely restoring my faith in Humanity.

We are making progress (at least, it feels like we are) in finding one or more organisations to get involved with along the way. More details to follow as we go.

On the vehicle preparation front, we have managed to purchase a set of sand ladders / waffle boards from ebay at a sensible price. Again, really nice chap we collected them from – and he gave us a great piece of advice “Make sure you leave!” Make sure we plan it through, and make sure we do depart. His African adventure is still a dream as other priorities have taken precedent. Hopefully he’ll live vicariously through us as we undertake our adventure.

We are planning on creating videos on trip – so this weekend we also used vouchers towards a camcorder, making it, too, a much more sensible price.

34 weeks until departure …

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