Feb 19 2012

A week of progress

After a few weeks feeling like we were making little progress, we had a relatively eventful week, with a bit more momentum being made towards the ultimate goal.

First – this week we passed the 200 day mark until we depart. Wow!

On the more mundane: we had a visit to the travel clinic at our local surgery as we started our rabies course of vaccinations. There currently is a shortage within the UK for rabies vaccinations, and we have been most fortunate that the nurse running the travel clinic managed to secure enough for us. We’re back again next week for #2. I have to say, ‘our’ nurse has been so supportive in procuring the vaccinations we need, and helping us get ready for the trip. As we are a little out in the country (not in the Big Smog), we must be a little bit of a novelty for her.

The vehicle made its journey back to Footloose for the (hopefully) last tranche of work on the exterior of the vehicle. This includes long range fuel tank, new front bumper (with recovery points), underneath protection, rear recovery points, 24v to 12v starter motor conversion … The vehicle should be ready in 2 weeks – and then it is up to us to build the interior! Exciting!

We have decided not to purchase car seat covers, but have designed – and re-designed – our own version. This will be a simplified design, use significantly less fabric, and be relatively quick to make up (… famous last words!). The fabric has all been ordered (we are using deckchair fabric) as well as webbing and buckles. Watch this space!

So, all in all a good week! The countdown continues with 28 weeks to go.

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