Feb 02 2012

Time to thaw out

We are taking a week to escape winter in the UK and head to warmer climes (we hope!) and thaw out the bones. Although the chilly temperatures have been accompanied by glorious sunshine, and the days are certainly getting longer, I am impatient for the summer, and we are stealing away for an early blast of warmth.

No doubt, our time away will see us with our ‘ideas’ book close at hand. A cup of coffee these days seems to spark lots of new ideas and cogitation of stewing ideas. So, we’ll do some sightseeing, and have a coffee; explore a bit, and have a coffee; relax in the sun … and have another coffee.

Today, it is 7 months until we leave the UK shores and head northwards. I look back over the journal from the last month and we have come so far. Perhaps the biggest change of all so far has been in our outlook to life. Everything is now viewed in perspective to what we may encounter on our trip. So, when we get impatient sitting in traffic, we think about the vast stretches of empty roads we’ll experience. When we get frustrated with people around us complaining, we think about the amazing people we have ‘met’ through the Overland community who have been so generous. When the grey cold weather gets us down, we think about the glorious sunshine and heat we’ll be living in day after day. When we deal with internal politics and people positioning themselves at work, we think about the charities who are looking forward to our assistance. And so, in general, we have started slowing down, laughing more, worrying less, and keeping it all in perspective. Unsurprisingly, life is far more enjoyable! I am not one for quoting movies, but more and more these days I think of a line from La Femme Nikita – “I never did mind the little things” … and really, most things are ‘little things’.

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