Mar 17 2012

Time is flying

A busy week flew past.  Unfortunately, it was more work related (you know, that necessary daily activity that provides the fund for the adventure!) than massive progress on the project, but anyway.

The week started with our second last visit to the nurse at the travel clinic.  We have now had the 3rd (and final) rabies innoculation, and our Meningococcal Meningitis jab.  We also have a prescription for cholera (oral) which we’ll take in June.  Our last jab is the 3rd Hep B, which is also lined up for June.  Then, we should be adequately covered for our trip – even if it lasts longer than a year.

On the shopping front, Viking Explorer has been keeping his eye on ebay for any bargains.  He watched a refurbished invertor for a few days, but ended up being able to purchase a new one for a sensible price, so that has been added to the equipment.

We have also been investigating some local Pay & Play days to do some driving.  There certainly are a few – and not too far away either.  Out first date is Easter weekend!  Should be fun!

Other projects in the garden took preference today, but progress still made on the interior storage.  The interior drawers are starting to take shape.  These will fit between the wolf boxes: one at the back, and the other in front of it.  Again, items that we don’t need to get to regularly will be housed in there.

The car seat covers are taking shape!  We have chosen a brightly coloured deck chair fabric, which hasn’t been too bad to work with.  As mentioned previously, the design is very simple.

So far, I have adjusted the fabric to fit down the back of the passenger seat, over the top, down the front and reach down in front of the seat.  The sitting-on-part needed to have extra panels added for width (deck chair fabric is quite narrow).  I also came up with a cunning plan to insert eyelets at the top.

The next part of the design will have straps and buckles around the sides – which link the sitting-on-part to the hanging-down-the-back part.  I also want to put some pockets on the hanging-down-the-back part for a book or two, and other items needing easy access.  Lastly, depending on how the car seat covers feel at that point, I may put straps under the seat to secure the hanging-down-the-back part to the bit in front of the seat.  I hope that all makes sense!

And so, that is where we are with 24 short weeks to go …

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