Apr 29 2012

Four months until we head out

The adventure is becoming so real. One day this week, as I stopped at the traffic lights near our home, I pictured us stopping in the exact spot in Brodie, all packed and heading to Dover to catch our ferry to Dunkirk.

Back to the preparations …

We have decided on our cooker! We have gone for a 2 ring burner which runs off a Cadac 907, and folds into its own compact case. It should be tough enough for a year in Africa! Order placement this week.

The weather has been favourable to the ducks and geese, but less so to the workers!  We have tried hard to put on a brave face – but working with electricity in the rain is rather cold, and potentially a breach of health & safety ;) .  We eventually braved the weather today, and made good progress.  The first and second levels of the drawer system are finally in the vehicle, with 2 side shelves created to make use of the space between the drawer system and vehicle sides.  All newly created shelves have also had a coat of varnish.

The sewing projects continue!  More pouches came into existence, as I am creating order out of the chaos of the numerous chargers that seem to be accompanying us.  I also need to put my creative mind to the bag that we need for the camping table.  The current bag conforms to my “bad design” mantra, so needs replacing with that of a more intelligent design.

We continue our search and research into the “sharing” aspect of our trip.  At the moment, we are searching out social entrepreneurs and community projects that are making a difference. These are the people we want to meet, be inspired by, and share their stories. There are, surprisingly, more projects than I was initially expecting – what a great position to be in. We may need to focus on a particular theme (such as environmental related initiatives).

The official starting point has been decided!  With this being the year of the Olympics, and both of us volunteering at the Olympics, we thought the starting point really ought to be Olympic related. Don’t worry – before you picture us driving our fully loaded Cruiser to the Olympic stadium, we are thinking about heading up to Box Hill instead. This is memorable location for us as one of the landmarks on our favourite mountain bike ride in the Downs area.  Hopefully the rings will be ready and waiting for us!

We have finally ventured onto Facebook – so please do come along and ‘Like’ us.  I am still figuring out how I’ll be using it!

And so, time marches rushes on …

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