Apr 21 2012

The Big Car Boot Sale

A very quick update this week.

This week was all about preparations for the Big Car Boot Sale that we did on Sunday.  As mentioned in previous posts, we have been clearing out the house and shed, all with the plan of attending a car boot sale.  All in all, a very successful day.  Although we didn’t sell everything, we made enough to cover the recently purchased water tank and about 40l of fuel for the trip ;) .  Fun day, and we’ll definitely be doing another before we depart.

On the water tank front, we collected the water tank during the week, and look forward to installing it.

The unpredictable weather of the last week has been excellent for the garden (hosepipe ban anyone?!??), but not great for continuing with the varnishing of the second level of drawers.  Fortunately, hubby managed to get a few hours in on the weekend, to make up for the lack of progress during the week.

We continue to explore other route options, given the recent coups in both Mali and Guinea-Bissau.  We are considering altering our route slightly to avoid both, and instead travel from Senegal to Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire then Burkina Faso.  Research continues.

19 weeks to go.

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