May 13 2012

Managing the overwhelm

It was inevitable – at some point we were due to feel completely overwhelmed by the enormity of what we are trying to accomplish by departure date.  This was the week.  Independently of each other, we both had almost heart stopping realisation of what still needs to be done.  Viking Explorer’s concern is the vehicle, mine the house.  So, we have reminded ourselves of some key mantras:

1. Keep it simple!  Seems obvious. Good to be reminded again by a guru.

2. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.  In the heat of the ‘overwhelm’ this concept disappears entirely. We are implementing a ‘microblocking’ concept of doing a little bit every day, rather than nothing for a few days and then flat out on the weekends!

So, we’re back on the wagon …

And, what have we been up to these past 2 weeks?

I had a trip out to see friends & family in South Africa – my gran in particular is getting on in years, and I wanted to spend time with her before we start our adventure.  While out, I picked up a few essentials:

- wolf / ammo boxes are much cheaper (but a real pain to bring back!)
- malaria tablets, test kit and treatment were all sourced.  Even with the unexpected dispensing fee, this was a bit cheaper than the UK
- braai / barbeque grid for cooking over an open fire (aaahh …)
- collapsable cooking tripod for use on an open fire (aaahhhh again …)
- security lock for handbrake / gear lever
- replacement mosquito nets for our rooftop tent – hopefully this will enable me to sort out the torn mosquito nets currently on the tent. It seems a common problem that the nets pull out of the nets, and Howling Moon are changing the net they use.

Viking Explorer was busy too!

First, he changed locks on the vehicle – all of them!  Starter too.

Then, much designing for the back seat of the vehicle: using the anchor points for the back seat, he has now designed and created a base for the guide seat and fridge to sit on. As ever, these things take waaay longer than initially thought, but a sunny weekend certainly helped!

Aaah, yes, the Big Clearout continues too.  We are utilising ebay at the moment to start reducing the furniture in the house – great success so far!

Busy weeks!!  Only 16 more to go …

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