May 28 2012

Paintbrushes and sunshine

Aaahh … the glorious sunshine finally arrived this week!  About time … we were starting to grow mould between the toes.

The communication plan (OK – the emails) have been spreading further as we inform people of our adventure.  Again, mainly positive reactions, a bit of envy and a few people who either don’t get it, or think we are mad.

On the preparation front, all the varnishing that has been waiting to be done was taken care of … in 1 week!  Fantastic progress!  The construction behind the front seats has had its mandatory 2 coats, and additional other smaller storage nooks and crannies have been created and varnished.  Every conceivable space is being used!!

In spite of the credit card protesting, we have also been ordering more items that we need for the trip.  The cooker should arrive soon, a new antenna for the car will help with radio reception.  We are edging closer to a fridge.

To be fair, we also took time to enjoy the sun!  It doesn’t appear that often in the UK ;)

A Big milestone this week – on Friday we crossed the 100 days until we go mark.  Hooray!

14 weeks to go …

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