Jun 10 2012


We have returned from a week of relaxing and recharging.  Through our preparation, we have realised the value of taking time out to let the body and mind recover, and restore energy levels.  Although we still chatted about our journey, we specifically took time out to enjoy other activities!  While the initial instinct is to keep going – and taking a week out seem sacrilegious when every minute seems to count – giving yourself space to rest allows you to come back with even more energy and excitement.  I highly recommend it.

Another important part of our trip is about inspiring people to follow their own dreams.  And it can be any dream – whether to start learning a new language, learn a new skill, take a trip of a lifetime or move country!

This Kapp2Cape adventure has been a dream of ours for a long time, but we repeatedly came up with every reason available why it wasn’t a good idea to follow.  But one day, we really sat down and thought through every reason why we couldn’t do it and found a solution: Stable job?  We’ll find another one – it is only a job. House?  Let’s rent it out.  Belongings?  Sell or store.  Then we asked ourselves what was really standing in our way.  It was painful to admit that it was ourselves – our own perceptions.

As we have started talking to people about our trip, we have been met with mixed reactions.  But, there are people who are already being inspired to explore what is standing in the way of them realising their own dreams.

This means the whole world to us.

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