Jul 01 2012

Pause the countdown

Stop the clock!

No, don’t worry, we are still embarking on the Big Adventure.

In case we didn’t have enough to deal with in preparing for the big adventure, there has been an additional thread woven into the fabric. This thread, in many ways, has been an important one, because it has been a little nudge towards ensuring that we do indeed embark on our adventure.

At the end of 2011, it was announced that Viking Explorer’s company would be bought out by a competitor. Even at those early stages, it was made very clear that there would be job losses. It took a little while for the legalities to be completed and the acquisition to proceed, so it was only in April that ownership formally passed over.

At this stage, the formal consultation period started, and Viking Explorer’s entire department was highlighted as being at risk of redundancy. Initially, we had anticipated that his end date would allow us to proceed with our planned departure date, but it seems that there may be a few weeks delay.

And so, we pause the countdown clock while we keep progressing on the preparations. Watch this space for the announcement of our new departure date!

In the meantime, though, I have handed in my resignation (in anticipation of a departure date of end of September). Hooray!

So, what have we been up to this past week?

Grand Central Station it was this week, as numerous orders were delivered. The medical / first aid kit is now practically complete. The vehicle spares box is bulging!

Much time has been spent investigating how to keep the vehicle legal after we have been on the road for more than 12 months. I have been in contact with RAC, dropped a note to DVLA and trying to make contact with other travellers who have travelled from more than a year. More info to follow.

The house has looked far too lived in for 2 people who are leaving in a few months.  So, I put all the furniture from the spare room up for sale! We plan to turn the spare room into Adventure HQ and put everything for the trip in one place (rather than some under the stairs, some in the shed, some in the lounge …). Then, to continue the momentum, we packed 4 boxes of books! Two are headed for storage, one is off to the car boot sale, and the final small one will become our library on the trip. Let’s make sure the right box ends up in the right place!!

In the vehicle, the creation of storage boxes continues: one box has been installed (it required the fitting of the fridge last weekend) and another box has been built and first coat of varnish applied.

And so we continue in earnest …

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