Aug 27 2012

Heading in the direction of our dream

Hooray for long weekends! Not only could I slow down and make sure I returned to full health, but that extra day makes a big difference to what is accomplished. As we continue to sort through the house, and make steady progress towards finding new homes for furniture, I am periodically plagued by small attacks of paranoia: “what if we don’t sell all the furniture?” “What if the tenants don’t sign?” “What if our friends don’t want our furballs?” And in the cold light of sanity, there really is very little that is insurmountable. But that doesn’t stop the mind playing havoc with me.

So what have we been up to this weekend? Quick canter through the activities:

- Very Helpful Friend came for a visit, bringing with him good knowledge of car electrics. The fridge has now been wired into the fuse box in the vehicle. However, the attempt to wire in a new aerial was unsuccessful – any tips on how to have the radio instruct the aerial to extend would be welcome!

- We have started to personalise the vehicle – you’ll know it is us when we come past! We plan to add flags for each country we pass through, so we started the process.

- The waffle boards have been trimmed to fit their designated spot.  A few centimetres makes all the difference.

- Very successful weekend with online selling saw us find new homes for 2 CD towers, one chair, and an upright fan. All the buyers were extremely prompt at collecting their purchases. Big thanks to them.

- We continued with packing the boxes for the vehicle. Part of my paranoia is that – despite our thorough planning – we’ll have far more than we can fit in the vehicle. So far, so good, and we still seem to have 1 empty wolf box. Good for starting the adventure.

- Our bicycle spares have all been gathered up, and outstanding items ordered. We know from previous excursions into Africa that spares are sometimes tricky to source, so want to ensure we have a few essentials.

- We have solved our water purification dilemma! Thanks to Viking Explorer’s french teacher finding some french travellers’ websites, we have decided to use Micropur Forte for our needs. Great African Explorer (i.e. African GirlChild’s old man) has also been considering the more “heavy metal” based purification methods over iodine and chlorine based options, so we feel that we are on the right track. The challenge now is how we measure 0.5g of powder, which is all that is needed to purify 50l of water! A plan is in the making …

- I have ordered a watertight round tub which will serve as our washing machine: at the beginning of the day, place dirty clothes, water and washing powder into said tub and close. For warm water wash, place on roof rack; for cool wash, place inside vehicle. The driving through the day should “agitate” the washing, which then only needs rinsing at the end of the day. I like it!

I think that broadly covers the activities.

Viking Explorer has a mere 14 days left of work, while African GirlChild has 20.  Not long now.  41 days until we catch the ferry …


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  1. Kirsty

    Eek…. Soo exciting! Am loving the look of your blog…. Maybe when you eventually make it to the tip of Africa, you can tweak my blog …. That may inspire me to start writing again :)
    Good luck…. Epic times ahead x

  2. African GirlChild

    Kirsty – I would be delighted to help you with your blog. Afterall, it was you who really sparked the blogging idea with me! I hope you’ll enjoy following our trip, and be inspired to start writing again.

  3. patrick gilligan

    Everything is sounding positive -glad to hear that you have recovered from your sickness x

  4. African GirlChild

    Thanks Patrick! Yes, all happy and healthy again! But definitely taking everything a little more slowly … don’t want to become ill again.

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