Aug 23 2012

The lurgy strikes

It was inevitable. I have been surprised it didn’t happen earlier. Yip, trying to do too much does eventually take its toll, and so my body decided enough was enough. I was forced into bed for 24 hours.

I was paid a huge compliment this week by R, who I volunteered with for my final volunteer shift for London 2012. I met R on one of my earlier shifts and he – like a few other of my fellow volunteers – has been enthralled by our journey. He asked me where I had learned to write because “I had managed to make putting the roofrack on the vehicle entertaining”. Thank you R. Self taught, learning to write as I go. R has been a great ambassador for us, sharing our adventure with his friends and family. We look forward to him joining the big send off from the Adventure Overland Show.

Talking of the show, the seminar list of speakers and timings is now online!  We are speaking at 1245 on Saturday 6th October, and our send off from the show is at noon on Sunday 7th October.  We’d love to see you there.

The vehicle transmission has been seen yet again. Despite looking at the transmission last week and saying they could replace the seals, this next company (who shall remain nameless …) almost started the job before the phonecall came. No, they don’t want to take it apart and do the work. Viking Explorer’s “cool, calm and collected”, icy facade melted as he boiled. Spitting fire, he made a third trip to back to Nameless Company to collect the vehicle. Anyway, we now believe the Universe wants us to make like a Land Rover and mark a trail down the west coast of Africa. Although, we have discovered that if the vehicle is parked ever so slightly nose up, then the leak is gone! Extra transmission fluid now packed.

Anyway, a bit more R&R so that I can make the most of the 3 day weekend coming up.

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