Oct 27 2012

Chasing the heat

Avignon, France

Our journey took another unexpected, but probably very sensible, turn today. You will have read about our decision to turn left at Jonkoping in Sweden and head for the warmth of my sister’s house in Oslo instead of braving the cold northern regions of Norway. You will also have read about our drive through Switzerland as we could not even see the car in front of us. Now, in Avignon, France, with the wind howling outside the window of the Youth Hostel and the temperature outside heading for zero (again), we have made the decision to turn right at the Med tomorrow and head towards Spain.

I miss the sun! When the sun shines I am happy and warm. When it is gone I get moody and sad. After the miserable excuse for a summer we had in the UK this year, I hate rain. With a passion. The first night at the Adventure Overland Show I had to practise anger management on myself. Last night, I lay awake in the tent for two hours listening to the rain. Then the wind picked up even more and I had to get up to secure the tarp from flying off…  Not funny! I’m not sure I have managed to thaw out completely yet. In addition, Arctic GirlChild’s toes were like ice cubes today, so it is imperative that they thaw out nicely too. Hence our decision to find warmer climates.

Unfortunately, this change of direction will also mean not being able to meet up with friends and family along the way. We have had a plan to meet up with AGC’s aunt, uncle and nieces in Nice next week, and another plan to meet up with the Frequent Flyers in Barcelona in the middle of November. We will now have to revert to plan B and meet up with all of them when we arrive in South Africa.

And so our journey continues. But we are not going to leave Europe as a tick in our to-do list. Far from it. We will be back. There is so much to see and do, and even the few nights we have stayed in Europe on the way south have given us a desire to revisit. The Mosel valley with its vineyards, the Alps with the views and the endless options for hiking and biking (and skiing but we are talking summer here…), and the bird parks near Lyon and Marseilles. And of course Nordkapp. And the best of all, we plan to do it in the summer when there is almost a guarantee to see the sun for more than ten minutes at a time.

Viking Explorer


  1. Scott Laddiman

    Don’t blame you for keeping that compass pointing south and chasing that African sky..!! :)

  2. patrick gilligan

    positive thinking is the way – indecision does not work for your trip!

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