Oct 18 2012

On the road again …

18th October 2012

On the road again …

Our detour from Jonkoping to Oslo gave us a few days to spend quality time with the Viking side of the family.  We played aunt and uncle with Viking Explorer’s 2 nieces, and caught up with Viking Explorer’s sister and brother-in-law – something we haven’t really had an opportunity to do for a very long time. We did our best to fit into the busy daily routine of a family with children involved in different activities!  And – we had a few days to thaw out!  Swapping the rooftop tent for the basement was … well, luxury!

After Viking Explorer’s parents returned from their travels (roaming really is a genetic disease), we had a brief 24 hours enjoying being spoilt as only parents can spoil their children!

We also had quick catch-ups with aunt and cousins, and friends.  Always enjoyable.  Always too short.

We managed to secure the first visa for the trip!  Viking Explorer requires a visa for Senegal, and so we visited the Senegalese Consulate General.  I am sure this will remain the easiest visa acquired: in and out in less than half an hour – visa securely affixed in passport.

And we are back on the road.  We discussed various options, and decided that after 5 days without a glimpse of sun, intermittent rain and chilly temperatures, the sun and warmth is a priority.  So, we are catching a ferry almost as far as we can manage: Kiel in Germany.   Let’s hope the sun is waiting for us …

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