Jan 06 2013

Relaxation and recovery

Zebrabar, Senegal

Sometimes it feels good to stop.

Zebrabar was just the place, space and set-up we needed when we reached Senegal.  Neither of us realised quite how fatigued we were after nearly 3 months on the road, and entering our 12th country and 4th African nation.

We slept.

And slept.

We made no plans until we started feeling like we had emerged from permanent sleeping sickness.

Then we noticed our new surroundings!  Senegal yielded long days with hazy sunshine, warmer temperatures, and finally relief from the incessant wind.  Sandals and short sleeves were the name of the game.

St Louis was not too far away, and we took time to visit – partly to see the town, and partly to take care of our list of things to do!  We sat in the Hotel de la Poste, enjoyed our fruit juice while catching up online.  We ambled to the Hotel Palais to have lunch – traditional Senegalese rice and chicken.  We visited Elton’s Garage to purchase a new 2nd battery (ultimately this will need to be a Leisure battery).  Once, we negotiated our own way – then decided that a taxi was a far better option!

We also met lots of interesting people at Zebrabar who were passing through on their way elsewhere.  These included: the banger rally multi-national group of 13 on their way to Gambia; Elena and Aldo with their 2 young boys taking a long weekend break from Dakar; Monica and Job escaping the European winter and exploring Senegal again; Anna and Alex backpacking southwards; Dakar Challenge Rally from Portugal who were heading to Dakar; Wolfgang (the only other overlander) returning northwards after venturing as far as Benin;  … we picked up so much information, and enjoyed relaxed chats.  But sadly missing were the other overlanders heading in our direction.  The political instability in the region, and economic problems in Europe have certainly impacted the number of fellow travellers.

Zebrabar also gave us the first taster of birding in Senegal.  We spent one morning wandering around the campsite looking at birds.  Another afternoon was spent wandering from the one lagoon to the other lagoon near the campsite looking at the many new species.  The nearby lakes also provided a few hours of viewing.

And after 6 days, we decided it was time to see what Senegal (outside Zebrabar and St Louis) was all about.


  1. tuggy

    ahhhh yes..sleep i remember that….dosent it make you feel good…..enjoy.

  2. Vic

    So interesting about the scarcity of over landers heading northwards. How many have you seen so far? Any South Africans?

    1. Viking Explorer

      We have now come across a few, but not as many as thought. Most of them are on the way north, and the ones we meet are a valuable source of information.
      The only South African we have met was Dan, who was on his way south on a bike…!
      What we have met many of are Norwegians (no overlanders). We are few, but we are everywhere!

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