Apr 24 2013

On the road again …

Yip – it’s here!

After a long break, we are back on the road.  We have met up with as many friends and family as possible, here in South Africa, given the vehicle some well deserved TLC … and it is time!

We have one last stop in South Africa – yes, another national park - and then it is time to cross borders again.  Our first stop is Botswana and we are excited to be meeting up with Global Adventures for a week and a half.  We are also looking forward to meeting up with our dear travel companions Noel and Ping … that just needs a little co-ordination.

We have no idea what the internet availability will be like in the coming months – but we aim to keep you updated on our adventure … as always.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy living vicariously through us!


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  1. scott laddiman

    Bags packed…… Instructions on how to survive an Elephant attack revised…… 10 tins of Mosquito repellent purchased…….. Will and life insurance updated…………………. :)

    See ya soon..!!!!!!!!

    Scott and the GA team…..

  2. Arno & Elize van der Merwe

    Enjoy:-) Hopefully we will meet somewhere on the road!

    Kind regards,
    Arno & Elize

  3. ghazi

    wishing you happy and safe journey all the way

  4. Georges CHIBANI

    We follow you.
    Have a good trip, for you and also for us who are staying here.

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