Jun 08 2013

A day in the life …

We thought we’d share with you a day spent in a campsite – one of the those we aren’t on the move.

Time to wake up!  Our canvas rooftop tent is very dark, and so we are very rarely woken up by the sunlight streaming in.  More likely, if we oversleep we are woken by the temperature rising inside the tent as the sun bakes the outside!  We seldom us an alarm – we tend to wake naturally at 6am.  While the days do get quite hot, the nights are distinctly chilly, and we find that we need both a silk liner and a thin wool blanket inside the summer sleeping bags to keep warm.  It is winter in Namibia after all!

First things first – coffee and breakfast!  In our kitchen in the back of the vehicle, there is a place for everything, and everything has its place, so making coffee and breakfast is quite routine.  We still have a few homebaked rusks which we enjoy with our coffee (or tea).  Then, breakfast time.  We have a small variety we usually choose from.  This morning, Viking Explorer made us Kreemy Meel porridge – porridge from maize.  Our other breakfast options usually are oat porridge, eggs or cereal.  The local birds like to keep an eye on us too – we almost always have company at breakfast!

Having cleaned up from breakfast, there are some chores that need doing – more easily done while not on the move.  Viking Explorer keeps the car under control.  Today, a mudguard is loose and needs securing.  Two screws and a bolt do the trick. We also like to keep an eye on the batteries – don’t want any nasty surprises there!  Both are healthy.  This is also a good time to catch up on the blog!  We love sharing our stories, but sometimes the experiences come faster than the time we have to document them!  Today I have made some time to catch up on the last days.  This is certainly one of the better desks I have had to work at!

Today is also laundry day.  Our blue watertight tub has been very useful.  If we are driving, then the tub spends the day on the roof of the car, sloshing backwards and forwards.  Otherwise, it stands in the sun and we agitate it a bit.  This campsite has a drying line for us, otherwise we rig up our own.

Viking Explorer has been wanting to do a photo project, so he set out with the camera.  This campsite has so many hidden gems – creative little pieces of artwork dotted around the camp.  He is in his element wandering around.  I also joined him for a bit, and we chatted about our photography, looked at what we wanted to capture and how we would each go about it.

Then, back to the laundry.  Having had a good soak and a few agitations, it is ready for hanging.  We find that our clothes don’t tend to get very dirty, but rather become excellent dust traps!  The day is hot (already 27C and climbing) and there is a gentle breeze, so it won’t take very long until the clothes are dry and ready for folding.

By noon, the hunger pangs have started!  Definitely time for lunch.  Again, back to the kitchen at the back of the vehicle.  Today, we have homebaked bread – leftover cheese & onion from a few days ago, and fresh honey & oat baked the night before.  There is also leftover chicken from the braai the night before, cheese, cold meat, tinned fish.  A piece of fresh fruit rounds it out.


Then, it time to relax during the hottest time of the day.  By 1pm it had reached 33C.  The shade is calling!  This is a great chance to catch-up on some reading.  We have been avid readers while travelling – something we never seemed to have enough time to do before.  Then, it was time for me to have a little afternoon snooze while Viking Explorer continued on his blog.


As the sun descended, and the heat started dropping, we each enjoyed a lovely hot shower.  Our preference is for late afternoon showers – it removes the dust of the day, and it still warm enough that you don’t mind de-robing! Most campsites either use a donkey for hot water (fire heating the water) or solar power.  We have been very spoilt on our journey through southern Africa so far – hot showers when we’ve needed it.  In the more remote places we’ve stayed, we have to resort to a little “birdbath” instead.

We always enjoy our dinners at the end of the day.  We have enjoyed being able to light a fire at the end of the day and cook over it.  It makes a pleasant change from always cooking on gas!  It also gives us a chance to slow down and relax.  And we have been eating well!  Tonight, we enjoyed eland steak, rice and a fresh salad.  Viking Explorer cooked the steaks to perfection.  Not bad for living on the road.

This campsite lights a small fire at night, and we enjoy rounding off our night by sitting around the fire with other guests.  The perfect end to a lovely day!


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  1. Scott Laddiman

    Ahhhh I miss that beer bread….. ;)

  2. tuggy

    sounds very nice i like it….we are doing the same just now in the truck in a spanish forrest ….”O

    1. African GirlChild

      Awesome! Glad you are having fun!

  3. arnizego2africa

    and we are doing the same in Malawi……;-)

  4. Vic

    I’d love to say we were in some exotic location doing the same thing… However, we did do something very similar in a (I kid you not) sun-drenched Dorset this evening (normal steak, not eland steak, obviously). We’re taking advantage of some glorious sunny weather while it’s here. Loving your blogs, missing you guys..

  5. Kay

    Really enjoyed this blog. You are inspiring me to do something like this!!!!!!! But in the meantime I am continuing to enjoy the adventures vicariously through you guys

    1. African GirlChild

      Kay – so glad you are enjoying the adventure with us. It is great to have you along! Remember, you can start really small – even a week away camping on one of those gorgeous islands near you would be special! S xx

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