Jul 02 2013

GUEST POST: Tom and Jemina

We met this amazing couple on the road – and hope to meet them again and again and again ;)   Please read their story and visit their website.



We are Tom and Jemina and are cycling on a tandembike around the world. It all started on a beautifull summer evening in Belgium celebrating the end of our studies when we got drunk from to much mojito …

Young, untrained, naive, uncertain, unplanned and maybe a bit too brave we started our adventure in Canada in the untaimed beautifull Rocky Mountains in April 2007. In the beginning we felt very small , but every day we became better and better and we enjoyed it more and more. So we cycled all the way down to “la dolce” (sweet) Argentina through dry desserts, green wild jungles and the rough Andes mountains. In Argentina we took the plane to Spain from where we cycled the ‘last kilometers’to Belgium, our home country, enjoying the cheese, wine and French bread. We arrived in July 2008. The homecoming was heartwarming and we were very happy to see everybody again, but it didn’t take long before we left again for a new adventure…

In March 2012 we were back on the road. This time we cycled through the green hills and coast of North and South New Zealand, the wild coast and the red Outback of Australia, the extremely bad roads in East-Timor, wonderfull Indonesia,  busy Singapore, rainy Malaysia, relaxed Thailand, intense Cambodia and mysterious Laos back into NorthThailand from where we took the plane to Cape Town in South-Africa, arriving in March 2013. There we started cycling through the beautifull, colourful, heartwarming and passionate Africa.  From South-Africa, Botswana, Zambia to where we are now Malawi. We’re not sure yet how our route will be, but in one way or the other we will get to Belgium on our bicycle.

Now we have already cycled through 32 countries and have covered approximately 42000 km.  Until now, we have been cycling for ourselves – rather a long time – so we want to cycle further for a good cause.

In our adventure of in total more than two years and a half on the bike we’ve learned that the world is generally a good place full of warm and hospitable people no matter their religion, colour or roots.  But there is plenty of injustice and misery, people often live in horrible circumstances and poverty. This has nothing to do with laziness but more to do with opportunities. Imagine you were born in Cambodja, East Timor, El Salvador, Tanzania, Rwanda … those people are trying really hard to give their children the best life the can give and a better future. They are proud and work very hard but thats not always enough …

That is the main reason we want to cycle for a good cause, so we can at least give a few people the chance to climb out of their poverty. A wise man once said; ” It is not a drip of oil on a hot plate, but a drip of oil in a chain of wheels …”

We have been cycling very hard for all the kilometers we’ve done up to now and we would like so see that it is for something more than just a worldrecord (which we have already unofficially beaten by 4,000km).

Please have a look at our website: www.opdentandem.net for more information about the charity in Rwanda we are cycling for.

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  1. Dan

    Great story. I agree, it’s lack of opportunity that keeps the world impoverished. Choices = Freedom. Less choices means less freedom. Good luck with your cycles! Dan

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