Jul 08 2013

Oh what to do with him

There are few things more difficult to deal with than a bear with a sore head – except perhaps a Viking with a cold! Not only was his Viking stubbornness shining strongly, but he also somehow acquired a dose of superman-ness, and keeping him down was nigh on impossible.

It seems that there is a Malawi bug which is being carried around by all the tourists, visitors and travellers in Malawi.  When we left Lilongwe – Tom and Jemina cycling their way and we driving ours – Tom had already succumbed.  I didn’t envy him being on a bicycle, coughing and sputtering as he was.  Viking Explorer started showing his symptoms later that same day.  As we continued our journey, he just got worse – fever, thick cough and perpetually running nose.  Every so often, I managed to keep him in bed for half a day, and I managed to wrestle the steering wheel from his paws so that I could do more of the driving and give him a break.  But these were only short-lived achievements as he was determined to keep going.

But after a week, my patience had worn thin and night after night of interrupted sleep was taking its toll on me too: either I was going to desert him on the roadside, or we needed to find medical attention.  Fast.

Fortunately we found the Eva Demaya clinic on the road down from Nyika Plateau towards Rumphi.  Unlike European clinics, this was a cluster of thatched rondavels.  A simple consultation room consisted of a desk and 2 chairs.  Here, a sympathetic sister listened to his tales of woe and gave him a dose of antibiotics to save him from certain abandonment!  Our gratitude was enormous, and in addition to paying for the medication, we gave a small donation to their clinic.

Hopefully this is now the last of the illnesses for the next few months …

… divorce proceedings averted …

…back in love with my Viking

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  1. Vic

    Wow, Viking Explorer, I’m impressed. Stretching man-flu out for a whole week…?? Remarkable.

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