Aug 22 2013

Astride the middle of the earth

When we made the decision to ship our vehicle from Senegal to South Africa, my one regret was that we wouldn’t have a chance to drive across the equator.  So, when we started our planning for our stage II journey from South Africa, I added Uganda to the list – mainly as a place to cross the equator!

So, our excitement mounted as we headed from the borderpost at Mutukulu where we crossed into Uganda from Tanzania (see separate section for border crossings).

We stopped for the night at Masaka – about 80km from the border – at the Masaka Backpackers.  Here we were treated to the Ugandan friendliness and hospitality that we had been told about.  Joseph gave us lots of information about which Mobile Internet provider to use (Orange) and which mobile phone provider to use (Airtel).  Our trip into Masaka was almost a breathe of fresh air – it just felt tidier and more organised than in Tanzania – but still with a very African flavour.  But, without too much hassle we managed to connect ourselves!  Hooray!

Next morning, we headed towards Kampala – and on the way we had to cross in the Big Line!

It was quite fun, actually.  There are lots of restaurants and curio shops at the equator, and a lovely set up for taking photographs.  They also have a place to demonstrate that water drains in different directions in the north and southern hemisphere!  We had a drink, took lots of photos, met some lovely Japanese tourists.

.. and celebrated that we had made it this far.


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  1. Margie Blake

    Great! Saw this on Facebook too!! Glad you got there. Livingstone’s footrpint and now the equator…. that’s good going.

    1. African GirlChild

      Many thanks! Yes, there are some days we feel like we’re real explorers … but then there are so many who came before us with so much less …

  2. Vic

    Well done guys!! That’s quite a journey so far. How far north of the Equator do you intend going?

    1. African GirlChild

      Still planning ;)

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