Aug 17 2013

Meeting of old friends

It was just so truly wonderful to see good friends again!  Hugs all round, a drink to celebrate being together with Tom and Jemina again!

It is wonderful how quickly friendships form on the road.  We have spent time with Tom and Jemina in Zambia, twice in Malawi and now in Tanzania … if it wasn’t for the fact that they are on a tandem bicycle and we are in a vehicle, I am sure that we’d have travelled together a lot.

With us feeling generally slightly down, and Tom and Jemina both recovering from malaria, I think that it was relief for all of us to finally see a friendly face, have a big hug, and enjoy someone else’s company for a while.

We had a relatively short drive to the meeting point at Nyakanazi, and the road had improved to quite hard packed gravel – it was a pleasant drive after nearly 1,500km of dust.  We reached Nyakanazi first, so it was up to us to find accommodation.  There was nowhere obvious, and so the police check point provided a useful function: they directed us to the guest house used by the “mzingus” (white people).  We settled in at Sayari Motel and waited for our friends to arrive.

That night, we cooked dinner together, compared stories from the road and just generally caught up.  It was such a breath of fresh air!

We are heading in different directions from here – they are heading towards Rwanda then Uganda, while we are visiting Uganda and then Rwanda.

We look forward to seeing our friends again in Uganda and spend some more quality time together.


  1. Margie Blake

    People with whom you share a history become essential after a time. Wouldn’t your dad pop up for a visit on invitation???

    1. African GirlChild

      Yeah – I think he’d love Uganda. Not exactly a weekend getaway destination though ;)

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