Oct 04 2013

Quick jaunt through Jo’burg

Before starting our final whirl around South Africa, we made another stop in Jo’burg.  We are grateful for this mini base – where we can keep offloading our accumulating possessions!

Aside from offloading another box, cooking gas from Uganda, souvenirs and other odds and ends, the vehicle needed yet another stop in at Jonathan.  The timing belt installed in Rwanda needed a check as Viking Explorer felt it wasn’t quite right – we had lost power on the road, and the engine revved at a different pitch.  (It is funny – after being in the vehicle for so long, you just get to know what it should sound like!).  Turns out, the timing belt was one tooth out … such a small thing made such a big difference!  A bit of grease here and oil there, and soon Brodie was back on the road.

We also had acquired a crack in the windscreen from a flying stone as we entered Johannesburg.  This needed investigating.  PG Glass helped us out and ordered in new glass for us, and replaced it in an hour.

We also needed to change money – which was surprisingly difficult!  Exchange controls for South Africans meant that we needed rather a lot of paperwork to change dollars into rands!  Eventually, someone had an iota of sense at Standard Bank and we finally had local currency again.

Between taking care of other admin (lots of things need renewing when you have been on the road for a year …) and a quick visit to friends and family, we were back on the road again.

Destination: Northern Cape.

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