Nov 05 2013

Border crossings completed

We have been working hard at adding useful information.

All border crossings that we took have now been added to the blog. ┬áPlease have a look at the “Border Crossings” tab for all the information.

Hope that is helpful!


  1. Dan

    Hey travellers. Wow. You’re still at it! Well done.

    I think it’s great that you are sharing all this info.

    It’s cold and raining here in the UK, so stay on those rocky desert trails – it’s way more fun.

    Take care,

    Dan (the one with the bicycle)

    1. African GirlChild

      Hi there man-with-a-bike! Yes, it has been a truly amazing year. Still have fond memories of our time together in Dakar :) Keep warm there in the UK!

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