Nov 16 2013

Sandton Craft Market

It was opening day!  When we arrived, there were still powertools and powermen wandering around putting the finishing touches on the new Sandton Craft Market.  Not all the stalls were occupied yet, and the crowds hadn’t yet discovered the market, tucked away off Nelson Mandela Square next to the Sandton Library.

It gave us a chance to savour some of the cuisine without fighting our way from table to table.  Our favourite was sweet mini-pizzas, complete with chocolate spread and melted marshmallows!

Inside, the crafts were innovative and creative!  We particularly liked the wine glasses made from wine bottles, and the ornaments made from discarded flip-flops.  There were lots of other arts and craft, though, from handcrafted wooden toys to plates, clothing to table mats – definitely something for everyone.

A particularly family friendly touch was the central garden with shaded tables and bouncy castle!

Here is a selection of photos.  Enjoy!

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