Dec 27 2014

The book is coming!

I know it has been absolutely ages since you heard from us!  Never fear, we are still alive and kicking. We have managed a couple of camping trips (yes, need a blog post or 2 about that) and a couple of flight based trips too.

And of course we have been working hard on the book! I have to admit, it has taken much longer than anticipated to have a manuscript that we are happy with. Well, to be honest, we could edit another few months away and polish and perfect tfe writing, but at some point we need to bite the bullet and publish!

As you can see, we have our cover ready to go. We had a lot of help from many people in narrowing down the options and versions, and we hope that you like the final cover that emerged from the process.

So, I hear you ask, when exactly is the book being released? We are still finalising a publishing date but it should be in the latter half of January, if all goes to plan. Once we have a date, you’ll be the first to know!  Initially, the book will be published on Amazon as an ebook. If you have a Kindle, that should be easy for you. If not, there are apps for your PC which allow you to read ebooks. I’ll post more information on that closer to publication.

And we hope that not only will you rush out to purchase your own copy of the book, but you’ll encourage your friends and family to do the same.

As 2014 draws to a close, we wish you and yours a year ahead filled with peace, love, joy and much happiness. May your dreams all come true!


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  1. seumas gallacher


    1. African GirlChild

      Seumas – it has taken longer than expected, but we are nearing publication now! Thanks for your part in getting this far. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Georges ESTEVE "Chibani"

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    The cover of your book is wonderful.
    I think you now really love your Toyota. Maybe thirty years you still will drive with, simply because it has helped you go from dream to reality.

    Do not forget to warn me when your book comes out.

    Hugs to you.


    J’attends avec impatience de vous lire.
    La couverture de votre livre est magnifique.
    Je crois que vous devez maintenant vraiment aimer votre toyota. Peut être que dans trente ans vous roulerez encore avec, tout simplement parce qu’il vous a aidé a passer du rêve à la réalité.

    N’oubliez pas de me prévenir lorsque votre livre sortira.

    Bises à vous.


    1. African GirlChild

      Merci beaucoup Georges.

      We love our Toyota, and look forward to travelling again with it – maybe we meet you again?

      We will let you know when the book is published!

      Bises à vous.

  3. Brigitte

    What great news and can’t wait for the book! It reminds me of my African adventures and how much I would love to live an adventure of this kind again. Thank you for reminding me of my own dreams. xx Brigitte

    1. African GirlChild

      Brigitte – I am glad we can bring memories back to you. I hope that you enjoy the book. Happy New Year! xx

  4. Andy Brown

    I am thrilled with the prospect of buying my own copy. I am looking to buy an 80 series Land cruiser, in the not to dim distant, for family holidays. This book, along with all of your fascinating blog entries that I have enjoyed, will only serve to fuel my passion for these fine motors.

    1. African GirlChild

      Andy – we are thrilled that you are planning your own adventure! I am glad that you have enjoyed our blog too … the book is hopefully even more interesting a read. Happy New Year!

  5. Georges ESTEVE "Chibani"

    Hi friends,

    I am very pleased to have been able to meet one night in Morocco and spend a few hours with you.
    Yes, really nice memory.
    I am also pleased to see that nothing has baffled your goal is arguably one of the best that man can have in his life.
    If I have the chance to one day fall on your book, make sure it will end up on one of my shelves.
    Because it joy of having had the chance to share a little with you this fantastic look, full of curiosity and wonder what you had in having tea with the nomads one day in the Moroccan desert.

    I think I will never forget you.

    Long life to you !!!!

    I think you have managed to make “Elle est pas belle la vie !!!” a true reality that will always accompany you.


    1. African GirlChild

      Merci beaucoup!
      Our time spent with you – short though it was – will forever remain with us. We look forward to one day crossing paths with you again, and maybe travelling with you and Jacque again.

      We definitely mention you in the book, and especially remember your motto:
      “Elle est pas belle la vie !!!” – It is a beautiful life!

      African GirlChild

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