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Mar 07 2015

Kapp2Cape meets Ted and Charley

Sheelah Turner - small

As we prepared for our adventure, we wanted to make sure that we could tell our story after the trip. We talked about different ways to do this, and in addition to our website and our blog, a book was high on our wish list of outcomes. While searching for information on what other travellers …

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Jan 10 2015

Into the desert with Desert Diva

IMG_8684 (800x600)

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, there are not a lot of other “overlanders” in the UAE. There are many people who own 4x4s in UAE, and lots of people go driving in the desert on a regular basis, but the number of other traveller types seems to be low. I have no idea how …

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Jan 10 2015

Book publication date: 25 January 2015

Just a quick note to say we have set a publication date of 25th January 2015. We hope you are looking forward to the book as much as we are looking forward to sharing it with you. Remember, this is an ebook. If you don’t have a Kindle, you’ll need to download a free app …

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Jan 03 2015

Desert trails

IMG_8593 (800x600)

Another night that reminded us that we weren’t all that far from civilisation. As we were dropping off to sleep, we were shocked awake by the sounds of engines! My first thought was that we hadn’t avoided the dune bashers afterall. Fortunately, it turned out to be quad bikes who came past on the road, …

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Jan 02 2015

Northern Emirates exploration

IMG_8592 (800x600)

The quiet wadi we thought we had found was surprisingly busy. Local cars shuttled between the main road and the settlement near us – we waved good naturedly as the cars flowed in either direction. In the the morning, the vehicles started up again, but this time it included westerners too. A group of 5 …

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Jan 01 2015

Heading north towards Oman

IMG_8533 (800x600)

When I woke his morning, I was reminded of the last time we spent New Year’s Day adventuring. We were in Mauritania heading for the border with Senegal, 3 months into our African Adventure. This time was quite different. Instead of waking early, packing the vehicle in the dark, and driving through the deserted streets …

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Dec 27 2014

The book is coming!

For the love of Africa

I know it has been absolutely ages since you heard from us!  Never fear, we are still alive and kicking. We have managed a couple of camping trips (yes, need a blog post or 2 about that) and a couple of flight based trips too. And of course we have been working hard on the …

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Jun 29 2014

On the road again

03 Lunch day 1 (448x336)

There are three types of scenery in the Gulf States: desert sands, mountains, and beaches. Our preference is mountains. For us there is no appeal in ‘dune bashing’ – going up and down sand dunes. It seems a bit repetitive. Beaches are good as destinations – a place to have a cold drink at the …

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