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Feb 28 2015

Our first reviews are in

Amazon customer reviews

We love our readers!  Really we do. The first reviews are in …   We are grateful for the reviews, and quite delighted that our first reviewers enjoyed following our adventure as much as they did: “A great read. Made my feet itch to go travelling” Ahhh – glad we ignited a little spark of …

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Oct 10 2013

Living my dream

For a year I have been living my dream. For a year, I have met the most incredible local people.  I have been touched by the kindness offered, the smiles shared, the heartfelt waves.  I have teased with the guides, laughed with the market sellers and listened to people’s stories.  We have shared tea with …

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Jul 26 2013

On Malawian Forest Reserves…

IMG_5171 (336x448)

What is it with Malawian Forest Reserves? We have visited two, and there are a number of questions that immediately spring to mind… First, why is there so little information available about the reserves? Depending on the version and make of guide book you look at you may find the reserves listed – which is …

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Apr 12 2013

Musings on village projects and co-operatives

IMG_3429 (448x320)

In an overflow of the brain, musings and reflections of the stage completed and the stage about to begin are oozing. These are my own opinions, so be warned. I have never subscribed to the belief of handouts – anywhere in the world.  To my mind, and from what we have seen, it creates a …

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