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The 'getting ready' to embark on our amazing adventure!

Apr 06 2015

Senegal scraps visas

Good news for all of you planning to visit Senegal: they have now decided to scrap the visa requirements for tourists. This is especially good news for all overlanders, as it removes the uncertainty around how to obtain a biometric visa and how to get across the border. Here is a link to the article on …

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Oct 09 2012


  Life gives you what you need, rather than what you want. This should be written from the campsite in Denmark, as we make our way northwards. However, Life has given us a few extra days in the UK … and this is not a bad thing at all. The Adventure Overland Show over the …

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Oct 05 2012

Weather report from the Adventure Overland Show

Hi there, Just a quick little video to show you the “nice” weather we had during the first evening and night at the show. Sound is required to get the full experience. Enjoy! Adventure Overland Show weather VE

Oct 03 2012

The final truth

journal IMG_1555b

  Disclaimer: extreme tiredness and lack of sleep may impact coherent thought and writing. So, this is our final week of preparation, and I thought I’d share the mid-week emotions. It would be very easy to tell you how everything has gone to plan, and it has been nothing but sunshine and rainbows all week. …

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Oct 03 2012

Video diary: D -2

Help – our movers are sitting in the van outside waiting to get in! This is the tour of the house so you can see what it looks like with all our things ready to go. Video diary: D -2 VE

Sep 30 2012

Final days of preparation

So, as the days are rapidly disappearing, our level of exhaustion rises, and ability to make decisions diminishes.  No worry, we are nearly there. As long as the vehicle is packed, the rest can really go into storage at this point. Apologies, but short and sweet this week. Desperate for sleep … – African GirlChild’s …

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Sep 30 2012

Video diary: D -5

Just a quick little update today. Brodie is slowly filling up, and the tent is open for a good air-out. Enjoy! Video diary: D -5 Viking Explorer

Sep 29 2012

Video diary: D -6

Good morning, Today you are getting a glimpse of what we are taking on our trip: the essentials like games, olive oil and lizards; and the nice to haves like recovery equipment and washing machines… Video diary: D -6 Viking Explorer

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