May 16 2015

Where the rhino money goes

Have a look at this great video – it is only 6 minutes long, I am sure you have the time. In late 2014, Rhino Conservation Botswana along with Wilderness Wildlife Trust (who we are supporting!) and other stakeholders and funders announced the successful translocation of a small founder population of Critically Endangered black rhino …

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May 01 2015

Raising money for Rhino conservation

As you know, we are passionate about wildlife – it was one of the driving forces behind our decision to explore Africa. We are also very concerned about the plight of rhinos in Africa. We were incredibly fortunate on our  adventure to see rhino in the wild. It was a magical experience, and one that …

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Apr 06 2015

Senegal scraps visas

Good news for all of you planning to visit Senegal: they have now decided to scrap the visa requirements for tourists. This is especially good news for all overlanders, as it removes the uncertainty around how to obtain a biometric visa and how to get across the border. Here is a link to the article on …

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Mar 07 2015

Kapp2Cape meets Ted and Charley

Sheelah Turner - small

As we prepared for our adventure, we wanted to make sure that we could tell our story after the trip. We talked about different ways to do this, and in addition to our website and our blog, a book was high on our wish list of outcomes. While searching for information on what other travellers …

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Feb 28 2015

Our first reviews are in

Amazon customer reviews

We love our readers!  Really we do. The first reviews are in …   We are grateful for the reviews, and quite delighted that our first reviewers enjoyed following our adventure as much as they did: “A great read. Made my feet itch to go travelling” Ahhh – glad we ignited a little spark of …

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Feb 07 2015

Our bestseller awaits you!

Amazon - no 1 best seller with arrow

      How exciting! During the first week of publication our ebook – For the love of Africa, an overland adventure – was the number 1 Best Seller in African Travel on Amazon UK. We are bouncing, you can no doubt imagine. In addition, some of our followers and readers have been dropping us …

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Jan 27 2015

It’s here, the book is here!

It’s here!  Really it is!  After tackling the writing, and the technical challenges of publishing, the book is finally available on Amazon. Your support during the writing and now for the launch has been amazing. Here is a little snippet for you to whet the appetite: “We drove south to M’Hamid for an unquestionably touristy …

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Jan 10 2015

Into the desert with Desert Diva

IMG_8684 (800x600)

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, there are not a lot of other “overlanders” in the UAE. There are many people who own 4x4s in UAE, and lots of people go driving in the desert on a regular basis, but the number of other traveller types seems to be low. I have no idea how …

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