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Ordinary people, extraordinary exploits

Merzouga, Morocco Today, again, we met an interesting person.  Our little stroll into the village finished 4 hours later after meeting Francois. We saw Francois yesterday for the first time while we were playing ‘small world’ with Chris (see yesterday’s … Continue reading

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It is a small world! (sans gremlins)

(including the missing bits …) Merzouga, Morocco It is a truly small world! Read on, and I’ll get to the point… We have been in the southern part of Morocco for about 10 days now. It is “dead season” here … Continue reading

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Three days by camel

Merzouga, Morocco Three days by camel … or rather, three days by trusty Brodie. One of the attractions of Morocco is the vast number of pistes that link up various towns and villages.  The majority are, of course, not marked on … Continue reading

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Budget update – Morocco

Zagora, Morocco Time for another budget update.  Can you believe we have been on the road for 6 weeks already?  It doesn’t feel like we left the UK more than a handful of days ago.  Aaaah … time flies when … Continue reading

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Another weirdly day

So, as we arrived in the town of Zagora, at the bottom end of the Draa Valley, a motorcycle pulled up alongside us, and a chap was telling us all about his garage and waved a business card at us.  … Continue reading

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New content added!

And so, with a ltitle bit of extra time, I have been able to add some content to the blog. Please check out the border crossings page. Also, photos have been added for France (I know, it seems like ages … Continue reading

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Recharging the batteries

Agdz, Morocco We have been strangely stationary for a few days now.  It feels odd.  In a good way. We are in Agdz, just on the northern end of the Draa Valley.  It was an unexpected relief to reach here: … Continue reading

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Overawed by kindness

Agdz, Morocco Warning: African GirlChild has had time on her hands to reflect … ponderous thoughts follow These last few days, we have been overawed by kindness shown to us – by complete strangers.  Unconditionally. Our camping at high altitude at … Continue reading

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Gorgeous gorges

Ait Youl, Morocco I realise I love gorges. I haven’t had the good fortune to visit the Grand Canyon, but have seen many many photos. In Morocco, we have been spoilt with visiting 2 gorges – each unique, and each … Continue reading

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Going off road

Ait Youl, Morocco I am in a good mood today! I went off-road with Brodie. Not the normal UK “pay and play” day, and not the offroad playground you find in the Alps (Val d’Isere being an example). No, this … Continue reading

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