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Inside or outside?

Campement Djidjack, Palmarin, Senegal, We were sitting behind our car, watching the birds at the birdbath, reading, and listening to the sounds of nature. Then, our campsite was not so quiet any longer. In came more overlanders. Not just one … Continue reading

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Standing still is also travelling

Djidjack, Palmarin, Senegal It does just take time.  Unwinding, relaxing, recovering, emerging from Lariam delirium … We have been here at Djidjack for a week now.  It has truly been a week of very little activity.  We have mainly been … Continue reading

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Relaxing at Djidjack

Djidjack, Senegal Our new home for the next little while is Djidjack, a delightful campement run by a Swiss couple in Palmarin which is on a long spit on the edge of the Sine-Saloum delta, south of Dakar. Campement is … Continue reading

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Should have known …

At first I thought it was travel fatigue.  Then I thought that the new country was causing me some anxiety.  I also thought that maybe I was a little bit homesick, which was making me feel a bit down.  A casual … Continue reading

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A letter of encouragement

To Anne, Vic, Jackie, Phil, Elize and anyone else contemplating an adventure As you are preparing for your own adventures – however they look – we thought we’d send a few words of encouragement to you. We have been on … Continue reading

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Parc National de Nikolo-Koba

Hotel de Wassadou, outside Nikolo-Koba NP, Senegal, It was Blaise, our mandatory Senegalese guide for Nikolo-Koba, that initiated the conversation; The dilapidated state of the Simenti Hotel is due to it being run for the last 10 years by a … Continue reading

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Wonderful Wassadou

Campement Hotel de Wassadou Paradise exists.  It is on the banks of the Gambia River at Campement Hotel de Wassadou. After leaving the market, we drove the short 60km to Wassadou.  It was a relief to have a short day … Continue reading

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We are so glad that we have taken the time to explore Senegal, rather than merely rushing through.  And yes, there are little annoyances and irritations everywhere – the rubbish and litter being a significant one.  However, the friendly people … Continue reading

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Southwards to Touba

The tour of National Parks continues.  Not a bad itinerary, really, as they are spread around the country and so we have a chance to experience many different habitats and scenery.  Our next Park – Niokolo Koba. We headed south … Continue reading

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Ile a Morphil

The next day we started our journey back towards St Louis. Of course, we took the scenic route along the Ile a Morphil.  This is an island that runs for about 100km and lies between the main Senegal River and … Continue reading

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