A bit of R&R is refreshing

How much better life feels with a few extra hours of sunshine, warmer temperatures, and time to relax! This past week has been a brief break and relaxation – with a little bit of progress on the preparations.

Firstly, another book for our travel library. With the way our library is growing, we need to allocate specific space in the vehicle so that the books are easily accessible! One of our passions is wildlife, and so this book – Field Guide to Larger Mammals of Africa – is a welcome addition. While we are very familiar with the mammals of southern Africa, there are many species in the rest of Africa which are new to us. This guide should expand our knowledge.

While we were away, we were contacted by Overland Sphere to be included in their website. Theirs is a collection of overland blogs from around the world. We look forward to contributing to the community as well as making contact with past, current and future trips.

As we thought would happen, we couldn’t escape some planning and thinking while drinking coffees and being tourists. We have completed a redesign of the car seat covers for the vehicle which should dramatically reduce both the time for creation as well as cost involved. Watch this space for details and pictures of the designs! We also continue to discuss the interior design of the vehicle – the contruction of which will begin in ernest in 3 – 4 weeks time.

Now that we are back in the chilly UK, we can refocus on the trip preparations with renewed energy! Time ticks by, and we are 29 weeks to go.

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