A naming ceremony

This week, Brodie officially became “Brodie”. ?We thought it was only fair that he displayed his name proudly!

The rest of the week continued its frantic pace.

The first aid / medical box was tackled this week. ?We have allocated a maximum of 1 wolf box. ?We had created an early medical list, and this was enhanced with the advice from the outdoor first aid course we completed in February. ?Then – we raided the bathroom cabinet, and discovered many items that were unopened and ready for use on the trip. ?(We also found many expired items, and while common sense it always implemented, we decided that anything that expired in 2007 really should be retired!). ?Next, a trip to the pharmacy to top up on day to day items. ?Lastly, the first aid items were ordered online. ?Hopefully these will arrive soon, and we can close the box! ?(I’ll be adding a full medical list / first aid list to the website – please keep an eye out on the Medical page on our website.)

We have been trying to wrap our heads around the paperwork for the car. We are struggling to understand the interaction between keeping the MOT valid, keeping the vehicle taxed and insured (to avoid fines in the UK) and the carnet. ?I have been in contact with RAC and await their response in the coming week.

Similar to the medical kit, the vehicle spares have an allocated capacity of 1 wolf box. ?The spares list for the vehicle was finalised this past week, and the majority ordered online. ?There are a few items remaining which need to be ordered from Toyota directly. Again, hopefully these will arrive soon and another box can be finalised.

We also need to consider spares and tools for the mountain bikes which are joining us. ?A list has been drawn up for this.

The sewing machine continues to be in operation. This week I have added a few more pouches to the collection, as we continue to implement a sense of order to the cables and chargers!

The hard work on the vehicle last weekend and during the week meant that Brodie passed the MOT! Hooray. Of course, more work is always waiting!

The fridge, which has been standing in its box for a week or so, emerged! ?The base plate has been fixed in place, and the fridge fitted. ?Great progress.

On the house front, we made slow progress with online selling of our listed items. ?We’ll keep adding more items as we really do need to start emptying the house. ?In addition, we have another car boot sale planned for 2 weeks time. ?Our aim this week is to spend time every evening in one room of the house and find more items to add to the pile. ?In addition, we’ll start packing some boxes of books etc that will ultimately head for storage (exact location still to be decided).

Anyway, another busy week. ?A scarce 10 to go.

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2 Responses to A naming ceremony

  1. Sarah says:

    Hope you never need that first aid kit guys. I would need it for operating a sewing machine though, making special travelling pouches to organise chargers etc sounds fantastic – another business idea there?

  2. African GirlChild says:

    Sarah – this is one part of the packing that I hope we never need to use! Or, not on ourselves at least. Yes, I like your thinking … I’ll store it under ‘good business ideas!’

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