A quieter week on the preparation front

This last week has been a quieter one. In reality, probably not a bad idea. Already, it feels that the preparation takes over our whole life, and we forget that we need to enjoy the here and now too, not only become engrossed in the coming adventure. So, to pause and remind ourselves, we played tourist and walked through Windsor Great Park up to Windsor Castle, explored the sites of Windsor, and then returned back the way we came.

In some ways this last month has also passed more slowly – it feels. I am not sure if it is a post-Christmas slump, overexcitement at the reality of the adventure and impatience to start, or … Anyway, I am sure that time will start racing along again …

Back to the trip preparations, this week I had a long chat to Vicki at The Muskoka Foundation – our first partner that we are teaming up with during our trip. Up until now, all our correspondence has been via email, so it was exciting to put a voice to a name. She gave more information about the Foundation, and her progress with linking up with communities in Africa. She was also very generous with her advice of doing a big trip, based on the trip she and Nick recently completed as Langebaan Sunset.

I have also taken time to copy our journal from the website across to a more traditional blog format – so please excuse the mismatch between dates of the posts and point in time the journal entries were actually created!

A quiet week in all, but a mere 31 weeks to go …

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