A reality check

This weekend we have been reminded yet again how volatile Africa is. As I am writing my journal entry, the authorities in Nigeria have found 10 unexploded bombs in Kano in northern Nigeria, where an attack by suicide bombers 3 days ago killed 185 people. A sobering reminder.

Aside from that, in the last week we had another visit to the travel clinic, and emerged a few pounds lighter with increased protection (hopefully) against Hep B. Rabies is next on the menu in 3 weeks time. Feel free to view our vaccination schedule on the medical precaution page.

We have also been gathering information on visas required, especially where the best place is to arrange each one. As soon as we have this completed, we’ll add it to the papertrail page, so do check back in a few¬†weeks.

It’s 32 weeks to go …

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