A slow leak

… of information.

There is one aspect to all this preparation we have been up to – it has been a secret project from its outset. With the exception of parents and a few close friends and family, we have largely been beavering away in anonymity and stealth mode. ?It gets challenging to answer questions such as “What are you up to this weekend?” week after week when it is no more exciting than sewing, building interior storage … Of course the neighbours must suspect something is going on, they’re no fools.

This week we started telling more people about our trip. Our managers responded completely differently! Viking Explorer’s manager thinks it is a great idea, and personally really likes West Africa … My manager is in complete denial, and can’t believe I would give up my job. I have been given more time to think about whether I really want to resign … or more likely, more time for her to digest the information.

Other people have given generally mixed reactions – some have been really excited for us; for some, the concept of camping for a year is horrendous but they appreciate the excitement of travelling for a year; a good few are concerned for our safety as we travel through Africa.

Anyway …

Work continues on the vehicle interior. Slow steady progress is being made in using the space as effectively as possible for storage. We discovered the third seat won’t fit where intended … rookie error. New solution found. Seat for sale. There is quite a lot of varnishing that needs doing, so this will start during the week (weather permitting).

The sewing machine was in action this weekend. And my pet peeve – storage bags! This week, a new bag for the camping table. This had a slightly modified design compared to the tent bag – the whole top of the bag needed to zip open to fit the rolled up camping table in. ?As the creator – there are a few little things I am not happy with. ?However, Viking Explorer thrilled; sewing machine praised.

We have also put a date in the diary for the first of our shake down weekends. ?Actually, this first weekend is more of a ‘check the kitchen and back storage work’ weekend. Well, actually, one night away. So, by the end of June, the back needs to be finished and the fridge in place, all ready to be tested.

It is starting to feel very real. Telling people, and having them ask questions, makes us realise that we are really doing it!

15 weeks to go …

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