A word or two on camping styles

So, we have had a few humorous experiences camping, and we thought a little guide would be useful to help Europeans and Africans understand each other.


Camping – southern African Style

This is how a typical southern African selects their campsite.

  1. Arrive at rest camp and check out which sites are occupied
  2. Find the furtherest possible vacant campsite from the occupied site.
  3. In the case of multiple occupied campsites, employ the use of advanced trigonometry and geometry to determine which vacant campsite will be the furtherest from all currently occupied campsites, taking into account factors such as;
    1. Number of vehicles in other campsites
    2. Number of people and children in other campsites
    3. Nationality of other campers
  4. Park vehicle
  5. Wait until dark, or until the likelihood of other campers arriving has diminished to 0
  6. Set up camp


Camping – European Style

Evidence from our travels in Namibia suggests this is the how travelling European select their campsite.

  1. Arrive at campsite and check out which sites are occupied
  2. Find the closest possible campsite to the already occupied site
  3. In the case of multiple occupied campsites, select the campsite with the most immediate neighbours
  4. Park vehicle and set up camp immediately to establish territory.


Our conclusion to this difference in behaviour is that southern Africans like to enjoy the open space, and feeling of being alone and far from others.   Our deduction is that Europeans travelling in Africa must miss the ‘shoe-box’ living of big European cities, and try to replicate it in African campsites.

So, if you happen to park in the campsite right next to us, please don’t be offended if we employ the above mentioned African techniques and find another spot.



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6 Responses to A word or two on camping styles

  1. Gerard says:

    great posting – and your postings of Namibia bring back many memories. Hope you are planning to go down Van Zyl’s pass and stay at Epupa falls? Epupa falls have the most amazing camp site right on the falls.

  2. Dan says:

    He, he. I can so relate. The same happens in the Tesco parking lot back home 🙂

  3. andy cook says:

    My wife and I follow the “south African style” – buut that could be becuase we are used to living in rural NE Scotland and have no immediate neighbouring houses!

    • African GirlChild says:

      Aaaah – you know how it all works then. We’ll make you an honorary South African!

  4. Vic says:

    What about the heavy-metal music that some people seem to think enhances the wilderness experience, and therefore need to share with everyone? Have you encountered any of that??

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