Life gives you what you need, rather than what you want.

This should be written from the campsite in Denmark, as we make our way northwards. However, Life has given us a few extra days in the UK … and this is not a bad thing at all.

The Adventure Overland Show over the weekend was fantastic. We were overwhelmed by the support we received from so many of you who have been following our preparation. Many people came past to see us – it was great to finally put faces to names. There was lots of chatting, and a chance for people to have a look at the preparation on the vehicle. We also gave a talk about the ups and downs of our preparation so that future travellers may avoid our mistakes.

The biggest lesson we learned was that we started packing the vehicle too late, and discovered that our rear suspension wasn’t up the task. Fortunately, as we were at the Adventure Overland Show, we were in the best place to find help! And Julian of Overland Cruisers is our knight in shining armour. Yesterday, he ordered in new heavy duty coils, and today he and Viking Explorer are making the necessary coil switch.

This meant that after our fabulous send-off from the Adventure Overland Show, we had the afternoon to catch our breath. We grabbed a quick bite (eating being something we didn’t really manage to squeeze in during the busy days at the Show) and enjoyed a slow drive back down to Basingstoke where the Aussie Scottish Twosome opened their home to us and gave us a warm place to sleep.

Amazingly, we received a call from the ferry company to check if we were still planning to travel, as the ferry was departing in 15 minutes and we hadn’t checked in yet. What customer service! I had been unable to get hold of them during the day to postpone our departure, so was delighted by the phonecall. Nothing was a problem – they moved our ticket to Wednesday with no charge or fuss.

In reality, this was exactly what we needed. We were so rushed in the last weeks that we never had a chance to stop. We took the day to dump some items from the vehicle, enjoy some quality time with our friends (something we haven’t done in far too long) and just catch our collective breathes.

And, for the first time, I am starting to feel the butterflys of excitement! Let the adventure begin!

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13 Responses to Almost

  1. M-H says:

    It is so good to follow you both… Well done, and as we say “it all happens for reasons”…



  2. Sam says:

    Ecellent news! SO glad to hear you had a chance to catch up with yourselves! Good luck with coil changing, hope all goes smoothly and Bon Voyage for tomorrow instead.
    Hugs Sam and Philip

  3. Ifor says:

    Well, that sounds like a good thing to have happened really. Nothing worse than starting a trip all harrassed and now you get the chance to ease into it.

    All the best and good luck!

  4. Nita says:

    Sooo good to see you and say a proper goodbye, will so miss you but will be following your adventures avidly:)

  5. Tony Harris says:

    Hi Guys, met you very briefly as you were leaving the show on Sunday. Camilla and I are both very jealous of you heading off on your adventure. It will be us in 4 years inSalalah! (I’m not Muslim but it is such a good word) Safe travels and we’ll be looking forward to your blogs.

    Take great care,

    Tony & Camilla

  6. Kevin Cawood says:

    This is no bad thing! It looked a bit low on the rear as you left the Adventure Overland Show. Julian knows what he is doing and he knows his Land Cruisers! It’s a great learning point for anyone contemplating such a trip, load the vehicle and try it out on and off road with all your kit before you go. Easier said than done, time always creeps up on you no matter how well organised you are. Enjoy and do keep updating us on your progress!

  7. Im sure there will plenty more ‘unforeseen circumstances’……. 🙂 Glad you managed to catch your breath….. Was great to meet you, and we will be watching your updates closely….
    Scott, Markus and Heidi.

  8. Margaret (gemini) says:

    Lovely to meet you last weekend. Sorry to read of your problems but better now than after you’ve left these shores. look after yourselves and enjoy every day. Margaret & Mike

  9. Dave & Caroline says:


  10. Vic says:

    Great to see that it’s all working out for the best. It was a privilege to spend time with you special people at the show, despite everyone wanting a piece of you!! We wish you Godspeed as you start your trip properly tomorrow.

  11. Ian says:

    Another reminder of something to check before we leave thanks and good luck it was great to meat you guys at the overland do.
    Anne is making plans for Cape town


  12. Anne (TrundlingJenny) says:

    Hope you are finally on your way, at least you have had time to catch up with yourselves

    Anne x

  13. Love that by embracing events you now have the butterflies of excitement!
    Happy travels, we’ll be following

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