An industrious, busy week

Such a variety of activities in the week gone by – all contributing to us heading out on our journey on time.

Documents! ?In this past week, we both received our new passports. ?We now have sufficient blank pages and passport validity to see us through our trip – and more. ?Great!

Next – the water tank. ?After many deliberations months back, and viewing many different water tanks, we decided on the water tank we wanted. ?Our preference is for a thin flat tank that fits along the load guard, rather than opting for a foot well tank. ?Of course, searches in the UK revealed nothing, but we had tracked down something suitable in Australia and South Africa! ?Shipping, of course, added considerably to the price! ?Frontrunner in South Africa referred us to a distributor in Belgium – but they were twice the price before shipping factored in! ?Despairing slightly, Viking Explorer did a final search in the UK … and found 2 suppliers of the exact model! ?A few phonecalls, and he established one was less than 20 miles away. ?Fantastic. ?Water tank finally on order, and hopefully we should be able to pick it up by the Easter weekend.

The internal storage made good progress. ?The frame for the bottom layer has now had 2 coats of varnish, so should be sealed against the elements. ?This is now almost ready for installation in the vehicle. ?To remind you, there is space for 4 wolf / ammo boxes (2 on the left, 2 on the right) and Viking Explorer constructed two wooden boxes for the compartment in the middle. ?These have had one coat of varnish, so will receive their second in the coming week. ?The final feature is piano hinged ‘wings’ on the left and right of the frame, connected to the vehicle interior (that is real girl-speak!) Looking good!

The car seat covers have taken shape – sorry, no photos. ?I have made good progress on the construction of the driver and passenger seats covers – the ‘third seat’ cover still needs to ne started. ?There are now buckles in place to connect the front to the back (around the side of the seat). ?The last design feature is pockets on the back to hold books, pens, notebooks etc. ?I hope to finish this in the coming week. ?Then, I can start the ‘third seat’ cover.

Time is gathering speed. ?As expected. ?The clocks changed this weekend, and together with warmer weather, it is more realistic now to work on our project in the evenings after work.

Amazingly, it is 23 weeks to go. ?Next weekend – we hit 5 months. ?Exciting! ?Frightening …

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