Are we there yet?

This week I had a long chat to my dear friend, the Devon Connection, about their dream. Like us, they didn’t want to wait until retirement to pursue their dream, and so 2 years ago they starting moving towards making it a reality. It has been an adjustment, with hard work, sacrifices … but they remained true to their ideal and it is now falling into place, almost better than they could have hoped for.

They are an inspiration for us. We look at their perseverance, and it keeps us focused on achieving our own dream.

This week has been a tough week. There were some unexpected admin curveballs which appeared and needed attending to, and lots of form filling. Not fun. Distracting. Energy sapping.

We watched the steady flow of furniture and other sold items out of the house.  The house must be the Tardis – there is really no other way we managed to tuck away quite so much! The psychology of ebay continues to flummox me. ?Some people pay much closer to a “new” price than we could have believed (we sold our road bikes for 50% more than our most optimistic hopes) and then others want everything for next to nothing. Overall, though, we have done very well: both in reducing the amount going into storage, and generating some funds for the trip.

We also sold Viking Explorer’s car. We were very worried we had left it a bit late, and thought we may struggle to find a buyer. After 2 hours on Autotrader, a phonecall was followed by a prospective buyer – who turned into the actual buyer. Probably a bit quicker than planned, and we found ourselves a set of wheels down.

It has to be said – while we are focused on the goal, and absolutely can’t wait to hand over the keys to our house and start our Adventure, we are still Human. And unfortunately, Humans find it incredibly unsettling to wrench themselves out of a comfortable, known, rut and make Big Life Changes. So, there have been moments this week where watching our worldly possessions exit stage left has been frightening, and a few tears have been shed. Then we just carry on.

We did have some fun moments this week too. I find I work best when I can switch from one side of the brain to the other. So, after hours of admin, decisions, packing – I try to find time for something creative and fun! This week I started stitching our embroidery badges to our backpacks and shopping bags. Very cool. Also, I managed to bake fruit cake using the “boozy fruit” I made a few weeks back. Believe me – there is no chance the cake will go bad: it has been well preserved 😉

Our friends continue to help – by ensuring we are eating properly! Let me re-iterate – this is a vital part of preparation support. This weekend, Frequent Flyers invited us for dinner and ensured we left well fed.  We caught up on their recent travels (including a trip to India) and shared more of our adventure with them. We also helped them with an itinerary for taking their parents to South Africa for the first time, but they have assured us they will also meet us there closer to the end of our adventure.

This week also saw a bit more discussion on the route. As a result, we have decided (at the 11th hour) that actually a winch might not be a bad idea. Goodwinch have come to our rescue, and will be sending one our way. Hopefully it won’t take too long for Viking Explorer to install …

There has been some work on the website – the route has been updated with new graphics, and a new page featuring the sewing projects has been added. Do take a look.

That is about it in a nutshell. African GirlChild has 1 more day in the office … and it is a mere 12 days until we head up to the Adventure Overland Show.

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6 Responses to Are we there yet?

  1. Vibeke says:

    Like the tent bags! 🙂 Very smart.

  2. African GirlChild says:

    Yes – the sewing has been a lot of fun and very rewarding!

  3. Et says:

    I also decided that I would rather have a winch and not need it, than need it and not have it. I’m not sure what you have bought but you are going to need more than just the winch (like tree strops, shackles, pulley blocks, gloves! etc). Please also be very careful when using it, they can be very dangerous. If you get the chance to do some winch training I highly recommend it – I did my training this past weekend and think that it was money very well spent. Maybe you know all this already though… 🙂

  4. Viking Explorer says:

    Goodwinch are sponsoring the Adventure Overland Show so I decided to go with them. I have a green strop, a set of shackles, a snatch block, and a rope. Oh and of course – gloves! We won’t have time here to do any training, so I’ll have to watch the DVD that came with the winch closely… 🙂

  5. Emma Irving says:

    Hi ,you are doing so well!!!!! Can’t believe it’s here allready x my youngest just said your realy cool !!!!! Guess that covers it ,X Emma and co

    • African GirlChild says:

      Em – thanks for your kind words! I have definitely come some way in life if your youngest thinks I am ‘cool’! Yay me! I hope you have all been enjoying the updates – and look forward to following the adventure as it unfolds 😀

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