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Senegal scraps visas

Good news for all of you planning to visit Senegal: they have now decided to scrap the visa requirements for tourists. This is especially good news for all overlanders, as it removes the uncertainty around how to obtain a biometric … Continue reading

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Kapp2Cape meets Ted and Charley

As we prepared for our adventure, we wanted to make sure that we could tell our story after the trip. We talked about different ways to do this, and in addition to our website and our blog, a book was … Continue reading

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On the road again

There are three types of scenery in the Gulf States: desert sands, mountains, and beaches. Our preference is mountains. For us there is no appeal in ‘dune bashing’ – going up and down sand dunes. It seems a bit repetitive. … Continue reading

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Introducing our new ride

Brodie is back in the UK. We are in the UAE. So what is happening with Kapp2Cape now? We continue exploring, of course! All good explorers must have a trusted vehicle to take them where they would like to go … Continue reading

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Brodie on UK soil again

With Brodie on his way back to UK soil I needed to look into where to park him when he arrived. We had made our decision: we were going to store him as we do not rule out the option … Continue reading

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Border crossings completed

We have been working hard at adding useful information. All border crossings that we took have now been added to the blog.  Please have a look at the “Border Crossings” tab for all the information. Hope that is helpful!

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Fact sheets added!

We have now uploaded all the fact sheets from the countries we have visited so far. Please download them and use them – that’s what they are there for 🙂 Enjoy!!

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Information updates: GPS waypoint files and visas

We are working hard to add useful information to the blog – the sort of information that we would have loved to have when preparing for our adventure! Thanks to Viking Explorer, we have now added:   Visa information: Please … Continue reading

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Augrabies Falls National Park

After Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park we headed towards the next park to the west; Augrabies Falls National Park. We made another stop in Upington to stock up on food and fuel, had a quick cup of coffee, and set off. From … Continue reading

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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

What a fantastic week this has been! First we took part in the Nossob 4x4Eco Trail, and then we explored the park for a few days. The sightings were many and good. We arrived at Twee Rivieren Gate in the … Continue reading

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