Be true

One of the top tips of our talk at the Adventure Show was “Be true to the original reason for your adventure

As we started our trek northwards, we realised we had slipped into a routine.  Focussing on our need to reach Nordkapp, we packed up each morning: frozen fingers trying hard to close wet zippers on rooftop tents, grabbing a quick cuppa and a rusk before jumping into the cold vehicle and driving towards the next planned destination.  Arriving in the afternoon at the next campsite, we would end up in the indoor cooking area cooking our meal out of the cold.  This was followed by a hastily gobbled dinner outdoors (we are camping afterall) before heading back into the warmth of a common room to plan our next campsite, catch up online and play cards or backgammon.   And lastly, braving the near freezing temperatures, we climbed into the rooftop tent and hoped for a dry night so that the tent wouldn’t be wet in the morning.

It was after a lunch of baked beans one day, huddled behind the vehicle over the stove that we just looked at ourselves.

This wasn’t what our dream was about.

Here we were, boot camp style, going through the motions day after day in the same automoton manner that I feel my last months in corporate work were.  Reluctantly.  Obediently. Waiting for it to pass. There was no stopping to take photos, no stopping to see sites, no exploring.  Just driving.

So, we had a family conference in the car on the side of the road: do we follow our heads and endure 10 more days with temperatures dropping steadily just so that we can reach Nordkapp for the official start of our adventure  – or do we follow our hearts, and head for the warmth and sun of Africa to explore, the real reason for our adventure?

Hearts won.

We turned westwards instead of continuing northwards, and headed for Oslo.  Nordkapp will be our Summer adventure later – with long days, and ‘warm’ temperatures.

So, we arrived unannounced and a few weeks early at Viking Explorer’s sister’s doorstep: cold, damp and desperate for indoors.  We were greeted with open arms, huge smiles, and lots of cuddles from the nieces.

As it turns out, this is probably wise.  Today, it was 2C and snow … wet, cold snow.  Too scared to think what 1,500km north in 5 days will look like …

Until next time

African Arctic GirlChild

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13 Responses to Be true

  1. Martin says:

    Sounds like a wise decision… nothing like being in Minus Degrees temp in a rooftop tent!
    Plus, a good lesson about changing plans… Africa will have many more options for you – good to practice chaning plans early in the trip…
    Enjoy the warm weather as you head South 🙂

    • African GirlChild says:

      Yes – the novelty has worn off. As it turns out, this promises to be an early, very cold Winter in Norway … one we won’t partake in! Bring on the sunshine! And yes, this is probably the first of many changes along the way – good practice 😉

  2. Kirsty says:

    Wise move! Here’s to warmer days, and endless African sunsets x d. Cheers

  3. Sue Barbour says:

    You made me cry!! What a beautifully written piece and so poignant. Extremely jealous, proud and excited ( all rolled up into one) of you guys; See you in 3 weeks!!!

  4. African GirlChild says:

    Sue – can’t wait to see you guys! I think we’ll come and explore your neck of the woods for a little while … looks warmer than up here 😉 Got a stop or 2 along the way first …

  5. tuggy says:

    well its only 17 deg this morning,,,but should be in the mid twentys for lunch time and we are still in shorts and tee shirts.
    good decision enjoy the trip .tug.

  6. Heather Stott says:

    Well done guys! You are so right – this is meant to be a fun adventure, not a chore xxx enjoy!

  7. Anne (TrundlingJenny) says:

    Hi Guys

    Don’t stay in the cold, head for the SUN ! It’s chilly here too. Your adventure will really kick in when you hit the African Continent. Have been thinking about you both.

    Will be following you……………….

    Travel Safely

    Anne x

  8. Ian says:

    Good idea no point in prolonging the suffering head south to start the thawing out procces good luck


  9. Dave says:

    This is your dream, not a nightmare, go with your heart (and no I am not stoned).

  10. Phil & Jackie says:

    Great call guys…the cold North besides making the beginning of your adventure uncomfortable could have brought with it all sorts of problems. 🙁
    You adventure is going to be fun for all…you guys and also for us…the ones reading your blogs and following your journey 😉
    Jackie and I are with you all the way and of course learning from your experience’s…thank you guys!
    Take care, plan safe and travel safe 🙂

    • African GirlChild says:

      We are having much more fun now that we have thawed out! I hope that you enjoy following our exploits – and of course pick up lots of tips yourselves! Safely on we go … rgds

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