This week we really made a breakthrough in our preparations! It felt like a huge leap forward that puts us back on track for our departure date. First up, we sold the spare bed – the final piece of furniture in the spare room. Finally, we could set up our Adventure HQ and collect all the items from around the house and put it in one place. The furniture sales continued, with the first item from the main bedroom finding a new home.

The next layer in the drawer design in Brodie has eluded us for weeks. We weren’t sure what shape storage we required – more wolf boxes? Bigger boxes? Space for soft bags? We also needed to decided where our cooking equipment will be stored. Anyway, we had a very productive half hour peering inside and measuring the space, and have a design we are happy with. ?I’ll be sharing progress on the construction in the coming weeks.

Not done yet, we took advantage of the sunshine to bring the rooftop tent out from under the stairs.  I have been dreading this, fearing that the second hand tent we bought would not be in as good condition as I have imagined.  I needn’t have worried.  The tent canvas is in remarkable condition – even moreso since it has already been through Africa twice!  The flysheet has been reunited with the tent, and looks great (remember the repairs completed months ago?)

The mosquito net was indeed in a dire state – as remembered.  No challenge for the mosquitos – you could drive a bus through the holes and tears Shocked

However, now armed with replacement nets (courtesy of Jurgens in South Africa) all I needed to figure out was how to remove the old net from the zip and reattach the new net to the zip!!?!!  Easy enough?!???

A slow job unpicking the old net was followed by setting up a mobile sewing room half inside, half outside the tent!  With help from Viking Explorer, the new net has been 80% attached, with the last bit likely requiring hand sewing.

Lastly, we need a replacement mattress – Howling Moon have been contacted.  As for the old mattress?  This will be reused on the roofrack to protect the bicycles. Perfect!

Aside from everything else, we managed to squeeze in our last visit to the travel clinic.  If all has gone to plan, we should be riddled with diseases, and avoid the real ones on route.

We have engaged estate agents to manage our property while we are on adventure.  We hope they will find kind tenants who will treat our house with love and care – and pay their rent on time!

All in all, a very productive week.  It is 11 weeks until we leave, 8 weeks until Viking Explorer finishes working, and 9.5 weeks until African GirlChild follows suit.  Exciting!


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