Budget Update – Namibia

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Namibia – it has been a country African GirlChild has wanted to visit for many years.  So, despite it seeming like a detour, we did a 5 week tour of Namibia, starting and finishing in Katima Mulilo.

Namibia’s official currency is the Namibian dollar which is pegged to the South African Rand at 1:1.  We also discovered that the South African Rand is also legal tender, and both are used interchangeably – in fact in places the ATMs dispensed a mixture of currencies!  While we were travelling, the exchange rate was N$13 = £1.

We camped every night while in Namibia.  I am sure that wild camping would have been possible in places, but the camping facilities were of such a high standard, that we took advantage of them.  On average, we paid N$100 per person per night.  Some places were a little more, others a little less, but N$100 was our benchmark (£15 per night for both of us).  Places that were significantly more expensive where Etosha (N$420) and Spitzkoppe (N$300).

We really sought to see the northern half of Namibia – driving 5,000km in the weeks we were there.  Fortunately, fuel was a tolerable N$11.50 per litre (90p per litre) and our daily fuel cost was £13 per day.

Namibia – being a protectorate of South Africa from WWI until independence in 1990 – benefits from the same services as South Africa, and so we were able to doing our food shopping in Shoprite.  Again, prices were similar to South Africa, and we were adequately stocked with great food for our time there: lots of tasty meat, good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Our food bill averaged £8 per day.  We rarely ate out – but did enjoy local cuisine in Henties Bay (superb fish at Fishy Corner) and Windhoek (game meat at Joe’s Beer House).

We also spent time in a few National Parks while in Namibia, but far fewer days than in Botswana (still feeling slightly skint).  We spent 3 days in Etosha National Park, 3 days in Namib-Naukluft National Park, a day in Soussusvlei National Park and a day in Mamilli National Park.  Park fees ranged from N$60 to N$80 per person per day, with an additional N$10 for the vehicle.

All in all, with a few guides and other attractions visited, we average our desired £50 per day in Namibia.

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