Budget update – Western Sahara

We are about to leave Western Sahara and cross into Mauritania.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Morocco and Western Sahara, but look forward to heading southwards.  Before we leave Western Sahara, though, I thought I’d add another budget update.

Our daily budget has continued to fall steadily through Morocco as we take advantage of the low fuel price.  We have covered about 5,000km in Morocco and Western Sahara, and so the low prices have certainly helped us.  In Morocco, diesel was about 8.4 dirhams per liter (about 84 euro cents) which fell further to 6.3 dirham per litre (about 63 euro cents) in Western Sahara.  So, daily fuel cost fell from £25 per day to £15 per day.  Unfortunately it’ll rise again as we continue south.

Food in Morocco has been rather inexpensive, and our daily food has been approximately £8 per day (for both of us).  We have savoured some of the local cuisine, but mainly browsed the markets for fresh fruit and vegetables to cook ourselves.  As a result, we have now used 2 bottles of gas (small 3kg bottles) since we left the UK.  Considering the first replacement bottle cost 80 dirhams in Morocco (about 8 euros) and the second bottle cost 30 dirhams in Western Sahara (about 3 euros), we shouldn’t have bothered actually buying a second gas bottle until we actually reached Morocco!  Learning for the rest of you!

We have had a bit of maintenance done on the vehicle – first we had the inner oils seals and outer swivel ball seals on the front axle changed.  Then we had a full oil change done.

Accommodation has remained at an average of 65 dirhams for camping.  We have camped about 70% of the nights, and about 15% wild camping with the remainder mainly staying with friends.

Overall, our daily budget for 2 people in Morocco and Western Sahara has been just under £40 per day.  This certainly has helped to offset the relatively more expensive travelling through Europe, and so we are now close to our target budget.  I had hoped, however, that by this stage we we’d be well under our target.  Anyway.

Hope this information is useful to you in your planning!

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6 Responses to Budget update – Western Sahara

  1. Pepe Yanes says:

    Budget info is certainly useful for the planning! Visa Info too.
    Many thanks

  2. Vic says:

    Yup, we are taking notes. Well done, guys…

  3. Yeh thanks for that very handy.

    A quick question for you both. We are heading to Morocco for about 6 weeks over Xmas next year and we love wild camping and look forward to getting out there camping on the off road sections sitting round the campfire. On the sandy sections and stuff how easy is it to find stuff to burn for an evening on a modiste campfire? I only ask because I am thinking of carrying some wood from places we stay at before hand were it is plentiful but I don’t want to bother if there is always things laying around (i don’t want to chop things down) to burn.

    Also have you got a water separator in your fuel line and if so are you draining off water much?

    Loving the blog still, keep up the good work.


    • African GirlChild says:

      Jed – I’d suggest taking your own wood in. Most of the places we wild camped were desert habitat … not a lot out there! Also, what little there is doesn’t really want a silly tourist pulling it out! There may be enough for a Kelly kettle … if you are lucky.

      From Viking Explorer – I don’t think we have a water separator in the fuel line. We haven’t really experienced any problems with fuel purchased in Morocco or Western Sahara.

  4. Maciej says:

    Great info, thanks.
    In your next post you can give us more detailed price info (incl. visas, and more food/drink prices).

    Enjoy 🙂

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