Chaos musings

In light of my stressed out post last night, I thought an update would be in order.

A Very Wise Man shared his words of wisdom and support after last night’s update.  So good to have wise words penetrating the chaos.

I have moved countries 4 times, each time sorting it out myself, so I know on a conscious level that it does all get done in the end. However, it certainly doesn’t prevent stress each subsequent time … With all the preparation this adventure entails, this does feel like the 5th country move.  Add to that a new curve ball: this is the first time I have had an additional person thrown into the mix.

However, part of detailing my highs and lows is that I hope to convey to others what it feels like in the middle of the mayhem – so that when they also reach this point, they know that it is “normal” … in a bizarre sort of way.

This rollercoaster is unlike any other – the more time passes, the higher the peaks are, and the lower the troughs are.  The achievements feel grandiose, monumental.  The lows feel devastating.  And so I swing wildly between the two.

Viking Explorer and I have different styles too – I am massive for preplanning the preplanning, and like to be on top of things waaaaaay ahead of time (as you may have noticed).  Viking Explorer is a bit of a ‘last minute man’ and needs the pressure of an imminent deadline to really get him fired up. We are still adjusting to each other’s styles.

A bit contributing factor – for me certainly – is how exhausted I am and how much sleep I am not getting. The more tired I am, the more sleep deprived I become, the worse everything feels. A good 9.5 hours sleep last night makes the world feel like a much happier place today!!

And yes, as Viking Explorer and I continually remind each other – we have done the best we can. At the end of the day, if we have slightly more going into storage than planned, we’ll live with it. If we have to actually take boxes of unsold clothes, books, CDs, to a charity shop … that is OK too. There is a way to get rid of it all in the end.

At the end of the day, the vehicle is virtually done. We have passports and carnet. The bare essentials are taken care of.

It’ll all be OK in the end.

(and so concludes the rambling …)

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2 Responses to Chaos musings

  1. Vic says:

    You are so funny, African Girl Child… (Remember, a good sense of humour will be very necessary all the way on your travels.) And VE is a man after my own heart, because that is how I’ll be this time next year… hahahaha. You two compliment each other perfectly, so you’ll both go far…

  2. African GirlChild says:

    Thanks Vic! I thought I would write in detail how this mayhem all feels … so that when you reach the same point next year, you’ll realise that it is all perfectly normal!

    Yes, the ol’ sense of humour will be our greatest asset this coming year!!

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