We are getting so exciting for our trip!  It isn’t that long to go, and rather than feeling panicked, we are excited about heading off.  We are so focussed on making our way through the to do list – but rather than it feeling like a chore, every item that is crossed off the list is a step closer to living our dream.

Our main focus this past week was finalising visa purchase points.  Realistically, these will likely change in the coming year, but at least we have gathered enough information that we should be able to respond.  The main challenges still to investigate are purchasing the Nigerian visa, and the infamous Angolan visa.  Please have a look at our Visa page to see more detail.

Our next accomplishment for the week was the tent mattress.  Fantastic customer service from Foam for Home who found a cost effective solution for us.  The net result was they provided a large standard piece of foam, and made a mattress cover for us.  All we had to do was cut the foam and fit it into the cover.  Easy?

To celebrate our success, we tested the mattress – on the lounge floor 😉 Certainly luxurious enough for our adventure.

We also successfully tested the cooker this weekend, taking advantage of the warm weather to enjoy cooking and eating at the pace we’ll uphold in Africa.  Unfortunately, this time was only outside the house, but next time it’ll be more rustic…

The interior storage progressed this week.  The third level and 2 drawers received 2 coats of varnish, and have been successfully installed.  Viking Explorer is planning to add 2 cargo rails, one each to the top of the second  and third levels to allow us to tie down any loose bags should we need to.

While Viking Explorer was installing the storage, I was packing!  The vacuum storage bags arrived during the week, and I put them to good use.  Since storage is by volume and not weight, I intend to reduce volume!  I repacked a bag and managed to double the contents!

While reducing volume to pack, we also went through other boxes of paperwork and asked ourselves whether we would really be interested in the papers 2 years from now when we unpacked?  This approached successfully eliminated another box that was destined for storage.

The furniture sales continue – a single wardrobe was purchased and collected, and a CD tower has been sold.  Still more furniture to go, but with school holidays, it seems quiet.  The unfortunate downside of packing, selling wardrobes, and sorting boxes is … the house is chaotic!!

Brodie’s transmission still hasn’t been sorted – Toyota didn’t have the tools! – so another appointment has been booked with a specialist transmission workshop this coming week.  Hopefully they’ll be able to fix it.

We are making progress on a lot of smaller admin issues too – the little things that need attending to, but aren’t glamourous enough for detailing!

That was the week that was!  A mere 8 to go.  Can’t wait.

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