Final days of preparation

So, as the days are rapidly disappearing, our level of exhaustion rises, and ability to make decisions diminishes. ?No worry, we are nearly there. As long as the vehicle is packed, the rest can really go into storage at this point.

Apologies, but short and sweet this week. Desperate for sleep …

– African GirlChild’s final day at work! Hooray!

– Our first 2 nights of camping have been booked in Denmark. Or rather, contact has been made with the campsite, but no booking needed. Super.

– The winch that was ordered last week arrived on Monday as promised. Big thanks to Goodwinch. VikingExplorer has installed it.

– Our packing continued with clothes being allocated to storage (and vacuumed into storage bags), or to the trip (now into the trip bag) or charity (into the charity box).

– We have completed the legalities for our Wills. Sobering, but necessary.

– We have sold all our furniture! Finally! Well, actually, not quite all: 1 breakfast table and 2 folding chairs remain. ?Last items to be collected tomorrow.

– We discovered a leak in the rooftop tent. Rather now than later … So the mattress came back into the house to dry out, and VikingExplorer has sealed the visible cracks, tears and holes with Duct tape. Hopefully we have caught them all.

– We also discovered a leak in the back window. No problem – used some sealant to stop that one.

– We have been packing the vehicle. Perhaps this should have been started earlier, but better late than never. So far so good.

– I made flynets for the vehicle windows. In particular, this should keep our the tsetse flies in Zambia.

VikingExplorer cracked out the video and has started a daily video diary (very short each day). Please head over to the blog if you’d like to see them!

We have also had a few goodbye meals and drinks. Big thanks to those who made sure that we had at least a few good meals this week.

And that is that (I’m afraid). Thursday this coming week we hand over the keys to the house, and move into our friends’ place. Friday we head up to the Adventure Overland Show. Sunday we board the ferry and our dream truly becomes real.


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5 Responses to Final days of preparation

  1. Arno & Elize says:

    Good luck and Bon Voyage!! Enjoy the moment because when you started the trip you will remember this hectic time with nostalgia. We will follow you. You are welcome to contact us when you are in the Garden Route in the Western Cape (of South Africa) for a stay over!!

    • African GirlChild says:

      Many thanks Arno & Elize! Yes, I am sure I’ll look back with fond memories at the last few days of chaos … but at the moment I just want uninterrupted sleep! We’ll definitely come and visit you along the Garden Route – such a pretty part of the world.

  2. Ian says:

    Good luck to you both looking farward to seeing you at the overland show this weekend.
    Have enjoyed the video clips
    This time next year this should be us all being well


    • African GirlChild says:

      Hi Ian. I hope you have learned lots from our preparations – even if it is how not to do it 😉 And believe me – this next year will absolutely fly by! You have been warned 😉
      Looking forward to seeing you at the Show!

  3. Vic says:

    Hi AGC & VE

    Wow, so near to D-Day. It’s come around so quickly. Hopefully we can learn lots from you guys. This time next year it’s us too!!
    But congrats for being (apparently! :-)) so well organised. I hope we can get to see you guys on the Continent as you come south from Norway. Maybe we can zip across to France or Spain or whatever and spend some time with you.
    Get some sleep!! See you on the Big Weekend.
    God bless
    The Dorset Crew

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