First fight with the lawnmower

In spite of the fact that I love camping, being outdoors, running, mountain biking hiking … I also like to look good (don’t we all) and having a decent hairstyle is important to me.  Furthermore, I like short hair – soooo much easier to manage than long hair.

So, the prospect of travelling for a year without the services of dear Emma has been daunting to say the least.  I even suggested to Viking Explorer that maybe I completely forgo the idea of a hairstyle while on the road and resort to a number 6 all over.  At least then I know what I am getting!  He wasn’t having any of that.

It has now been 10 weeks since my last fabulous haircut – and try as I might to make it last longer, the hairstyle had reached the end.  I had to find a coiffeuse.  Fast.  I hoped that I was in the best spot I could manage.  Afterall, we were outside the tourist hub of Agadir and very near the Atlantica campsite which has 1,000 pitches mainly occupied by retired French and other Europeans in their luxury mobile homes and camping cars.  Surely the best possible spot to have a cut!

The little “beautician” place was very impressive on the inside – tiled, soft soothing music, light fragrance filled the air.  And they were even open on a Sunday.  Of course, since I am a lady, I had to have a coiffeuse – I think having a man cut a lady’s hair would break every religious belief.  Since most ladies in Morocco wear their hair long and under a scarf, I didn’t hold out much hope for a stylish short cut.

Anyway, my coiffeuse spoke no French, and so another lady came in to translate my almost non-existent French to Arabic.  I was shown some very modern, glossy hairdresser magazines and asked to indicate what sort of style I wanted.  I tried to say “just like Emma does it” but that clearly wasn’t going to work.  I tried to say “I want it short, and we are travelling so it needs to be easy” and pointed at a few pictures.  Who knows what they understood!

Out came the scissors, and off she went!  It all went fine:  good trim down to a stylish short length on the back, sides, top – all looking very stylish.  Then she reached the fringe.  My only interpretation is that the lawnmower veered slightly and lost control.  Either that, or one of my nieces snuck in with a pair of scissors.  Chunks appeared in my fringe – distorting an otherwise very respectable haircut.

All in all, though, I am happy because:

1. Viking Explorer hasn’t laughed!  He is the one who has to look at it, poor guy.  I don’t actually see it!

2: I still look like a lady (not always a given with a very short haircut).  I may need to don some make-up and wear pink for the next week just in case 😉

3.: It is super easy to manage being very short again.

4.: It cost me the princely sum of 50 dirhams (5 euros).

5: I’ll likely make another 10 weeks until the next haircut (although Viking Explorer will likely need to even out the fringe again in a few weeks)!

Well, as a friend of mine once said – “It’s like grass.  It grows back”.

(Apologies to dear Emma: if I’d had the funds, I’d have flown you out for a few days of sun in Agadir and a chance to give me a haircut!)

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8 Responses to First fight with the lawnmower

  1. Margaret (gemini) says:

    It’s an awful feeling isn’t it ? I refused to have mine cut for the 6 months we were travelling and had to resort to an ‘alice band’ in order to keep it tidy. You certainly had more courage than I had.

    If I don’t get chance to write again before Christmas then I hope you have a lovely time and remember those of us back home in 4 degrees.

    Merry Christmas to you both,

    Margaret & Mike

  2. tuggy says:

    looks ok be getting your nails done next,,,,,….ok merry christmas to you both,,,,,”]

  3. Medalle François says:

    coucou de la grisaille d’Albi

    tu as toujours ton joli sourire

    peu importe la coupe

    bon voyage à tous les 2

    profitez bien du voyage et des rencontres


  4. David Yussuf says:

    Long, short or no hair, you are still beautiful 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you both and take care.

  5. You look fine to me..!!! Although you got ripped off……….. I get mine done here in India for 50 Pence..!!! and I get an India head massage thrown in, but Im not too keen on the head beating I get with the massage. I have a video on my Facebook of the rapid fists smashing the hell out of my scalp after my haircut..!
    It certainly wakes you up..!!!

  6. Ian says:

    It looked fine until I put my glasses on!!

    Happy crimbo

    Ian & Anne

  7. Ralph says:

    Being an avid fancier of all things tonsorial, I must say that your “doo” turned out quite well given the circumstances. Magnifique! I’m sure that you left the appropriate gratuity for services rendered.

    Merry Christmas….


  8. African GirlChild says:

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words about the haircut! I think Viking Explorer must’ve taken a good photo 😉 xx

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