First Namibian steps …

So, here we are.  Already been in Namibia a few nights!  Time is just flying.

After crossing the border at Ngoma, we headed up to Katima Mulilo.  Here, we had a few errands to take care of: draw Namibian dollars, pay for Namibian road tax, fill fuel, buy provisions.

We knew ahead of time that South African Rands are legal tender in Namibia too – but didn’t realise how completely interchangeable they are until the ATM dispensed a mixture of Namibian dollars and Rands!  That helps.

Next, paying for road tax was quick and easy.  The gentleman was very friendly and helpful, and gave us his recommendations for places to visit while we are here in Namibia.  It is valid for 3 months, so should be sufficient.

We also managed to find a tourist information – what a good idea to stop.  We collected a number of very useful pamphlets and brochures that will be useful guides as we search for eco-friendly and community campsites.

On our way in, we stopped past a baobab tree that is supposed to serve as a public toilet – but I may have misunderstood as it was all guarded behind a barbed wire fence, and locked.  Oh well.

Finally, we were on the road again to our campsite for the next 2 nights – Mazambala Lodge.  This is located close to the eastern edge of the narrow part of the Caprivi Strip, and overlooks the Kwando River.  The lodge itself is a boat ride away from the campsite – we didn’t manage to visit it, but I am sure it must be stunning.  As for us?  We just took it easy.  After such hectic driving in Botswana, it was nice to have a day to start catching up with ourselves.  We took it seriously easy.

The campsite was gorgeous.  Not only the location, but it had lovely ablution facilities as well as washing up sinks.  Very well thought out.

After 2 nights, we were back on the road for a shortish day – less than 200km on tar.  All we needed to do was cross the narrow part of the strip.  We decided we’d stop past Popa Falls – but when we arrived, it was closed due to the building (or renovation) of the resort.  Instead, we went up to Divava Lodge and Spa and asked if we could have a coffee.  They were only too pleased to invite us in – and it was stunning!  The complex lies in the most beautifully manicured gardens, and the restaurant and spa treatment rooms over look the river.  We had a lovely relax in such tranquil surrounds.

But, that was not our stop for the night, so we made our way the last 30km to Mobola Lodge.  Again, a truly well thought out campsite.  It overlooked the Chobe River with Angola across the way, and each campsite had a flat paved area, built in counter with washing up sink and braai area.  Lastly, electricity to plug into and a light.  The ablutions were built to match in perfectly with the surroundings.  It was started only 3 years ago by Alex and his wife Maja, from Germany.  A lovely evening.


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  1. Arno & Elize van der Merwe says:

    Sounds as if you guys are enjoying your trip!

    Travel greetings,
    Arno & Elize:-)

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